Episode 2: Why hasn't my doctor talked to me about detox?

Host: Sinclair Kennally

What do you think of when you hear the word, “detox”?

Chances are, you might envision someone on a juice cleanse, fast or diet hoping to remove something from their body...but there is far more to detoxing than that. This episode is all about busting myths, those ideas you hold onto about detoxing and whether it’s right for you.

Don’t worry, Sinclair herself shares what she once thought detoxing meant, and how she came to view it from a completely different perspective.

Here are 12 Detox Myths:

Myth #1: Detox is not necessary for anyone.
Myth#2: Clean living is enough to stay healthy
Myth#3: Detox is only for people with a history of substance abuse
Myth#4: Detox is a short-term fix for all health problems.
Myth#5: Detox is a tea or protein bar.
Myth#6: Detox is a juice cleanse
Myth#7: One detox diet doesn’t heal all
Myth#8 Detox equals anything that mobilizes toxins
Myth#9: Fasting is the same as detox
Myth#10: You have to feel sick while detoxing
Myth!11: You must feel deprived of comfort and joy during detox
Myth#12: Our health is our doctor’s job to manage, not ours.

Key Ideas:

  • Toxins are disrupting our body’s processes and overloading our natural detox systems.

  • Our bodies are brilliant and it’s time to treat the root cause of your health issues.
  • What we eat, drink, and where we live likely holds many toxins. It comes down to understanding what is making the biggest impact and learning how to safely remove it from your life.
  • Detoxing isn’t limited to people with substance abuse, anyone can experience exposure to chemicals and compounds that require detoxing.
  • Herheimer reaction- also known as the detox flu- is an indication that you don’t have the proper drainage support and binders in place to safely remove toxins.


“Doctors get an average of seven hours of environmental toxic education in their entire academic career. And that's if it's covered at all.” (1:53)

“Most of the allopathic medicine and even natural medicine is focused on suppressing the symptom first, getting the diagnosis, and then suppressing the symptom instead of going all the way back upstream and asking why is this happening in the first place?” (2:25)

“our collective toxic burden and the resulting inflammatory conditions are just evolving too rapidly for traditional doctors to catch up.” (3:16)

“Our bodies just did not evolve with chemicals. And so they don't have natural excretion pathways designed to combat them specifically. “ (4:13)

“Clean living is wonderful, but for many of us, it just isn't cutting it anymore.” (5:13)

“The truth is that real detoxes are measured in months, not days, and include an ongoing maintenance plan to support your body afterward since we're exposed every day.” (7:09)

“Think of detox as a lifestyle, not an event. And then you'll be much happier.” (8:15)

“Toxin mobilizers, toxin binders, and regenerative support to heal the damage caused in your tissues by these unfriendly little guys that never should have been there in the first place. And each of these elements should be chosen based on your symptoms and your goals and play nice with the other elements of your detox protocol.” (11:19)

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