Episode 3: Our Detox Journey: Behind the scenes story of why we do what we do

Host: Sinclair Kennally

Have you been on a hunt to determine the root of your health pain?

Sinclair shares her personal story about dealing with chronic illness where every day was more painful than the last. Struggling with depression, gut disruption and physical pain were just some of her many symptoms. This truly was a fight for her life.

Luckily, a diagnosis came: toxin-induced illness and heavy metal poisoning. 

But, her story doesn’t end here. This is where things are simply beginning...join Sinclair and her partner Michael on their journey to discover 1`r how to heal from illness and identify what may be causing health struggles or illness in the first place.

Key Ideas:

  • We're all exposed to a frightening amount of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and plastics daily, and our body’s natural detox processes are unable to keep up. 

  • There are many ways to determine what is causing you pain, outside of simply visiting your doctor or having a health screening.

  • It may be possible to heal by identifying and removing the toxic stressors from your food, home, and work. 

  • You are not alone in your fight to determine how to overcome an unknown illness.

  • Even if you already feel great, there are many actions you can take to reclaim your vitality and truly thrive.


“I worked harder to hide the symptoms from my family, my employees, and our customers because I just knew that I'd lose my income and possibly the whole business. If I was honest about my limitations. I used all of my energy to develop a tough persona and bark at people to keep them at Bay.(6:25)

“You probably know somebody in your life has disproportionate reactions and it's a really good sign that they are dealing with something health-wise.” (7:15)

“None of the doctors had any idea of what would help. I know I'm not the only one.” (9:35)

“The strategies that he found worked for us both, even though we had different symptoms and that was the light bulb moment for us because we had completely different symptoms and the same protocols curate us all this cutting edge research from different fields on different continents is pointing towards a few crucial changes that must be made to rescue our collective health and wellbeing.” (12:45)

“The symptoms are myriad, but the solutions are consistent and simple.“ (13:04)

“The hard truth is that we're all exposed to a frightening amount of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and plastics daily. And our body's natural detox processes are just unable to keep up. They need our help. They're not stupid. Our bodies are brilliant. They're so smart. It's never too late. And if left unattended, the physical, emotional, and mental stressors resulting from these toxins, just cascade into this snowball effect that ends up being devastating. It looks different for every person, but it's there.” (13:35)

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