Episode 4: Fluoride Explained: How it affects the body and how to protect yourself


Host: Sinclair Kennally

Question: Sinclair I’ve heard that fluoride is bad for you, is this true? If so, how can I protect my family from it? -asks Sean Davis from CA

You may already know that fluoride is toxic—and think you’re being smart by not using a fluoridated toothpaste. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to protect you and your family. In this episode, you’ll find out why, and how you can make a genuine, noticeable difference in your health.

Did you know, for example, that Fluoride can affect your IQ? That it can calcify the pineal gland—which produces melatonin?

How important is melatonin? More important than you know! In this episode, Sinclair explains how melatonin promotes—

  • Healthy sleep
  • Healthy appetite
  • Weight control
  • Slow aging
  • Ability to fight cancer . . .

And more.

If you’re thinking fluoride can have a major impact on health, you’re right. We can’t wait to share the details.

By now, you’re probably curious. If toothpaste isn’t the only source of fluoride, how else might it be sneaking into your life? In this episode, we’ll tell you. Expect to hear about drinking water.

But that’s only the beginning. You might be surprised when you hear that some of your favorite foods and beverages can contain fluoride, too. Along with common drug products.

If fluoride is so dangerous, why on earth are we putting it in our drinking water? In this podcast, you’ll find out.

But for most of us, here’s the bottom line: What can we do about all this? We have to drink water. We have to eat. And most of us feel compelled to brush our teeth. So—how do we escape? In this episode, Sinclair shares practical steps you can start taking today to protect yourself and your family. 

And it’s not as complicated as you might think.

You’ll learn ways to:

  • Make healthy choices about dental products
  • Create drinking water that improves your health—instead of compromising it
  • Add vital nutrients to your diet, such as turmeric, that counter some of fluoride’s negative effects

We’ll also share some resources to which you can turn for further information—or to help others.

Fluoride IS in your everyday life, whether you know it or not. Please join us for a conversation about simple, critical steps you can take.


“You may have heard about the studies that revealed fluoride's impact on our little ones and utero, prenatal exposure to fluoride decreases IQ at a similar level to let which we take very seriously, And it also lowers your IQ, when you're exposed to fluoride at any age for the longterm.” (1:00)

“Flora decreases the pineal glands ability to produce melatonin because it calcifies over the surface of the pineal glands” (1:46)

“Melatonin helps regulate your circadian rhythms, which means it is helping to regulate your sleep and wake cycles, your appetite, and so much more. It's your brain's detergent. It's supposed to flush through your brain at night while you sleep to mobilize the toxins that have accumulated throughout the day in the brain and get them on the move into the rest of the body for excretion protecting your brain so crucial.” (2:21)

“It's just really important to consider where something was made because if produce is grown in a fluoridated area where you are actively adding fluoride to the water, or, Beverage was bottled in a fluoridated area. You're just getting exposure to fluoride. Or if you ever showered in a fluoridated area or picked up a Starbucks, along the way, it's not just about where you live. It's about where everything you'd take in comes from.” (5:34)

“Tamarind paste is a healing food that helps the body recover from fluoride damage.” (11:10)


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