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Moon All Over Oil


MOON is the scent of Jasmine in the night. By day this little white flower is inconspicuous amongst her winding leaves; by night she reveals herself to be a silvery star beneath the moonlight as her perfume dances across the evening air. This aromatic oil blends the Jasmine twins -- two different varieties of the same genus -- with pure Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil. The scent is soft yet deeply floral, mild yet intoxicating. 

All Over Oil is formulated to be used wherever you want and need it: hair, face and body. Let it be your all-in-one for unplanned overnighters and extended excursions. Nourish & soften your hair, hydrate & glisten your skin, refresh & perfume your bod. 

To use, start with a dropperful in your palms. Work from root to tip of wet hair, or use just a bit to smooth out dry hair. Apply lightly to the face and liberally to the body to moisturize your skin. Adorn neck & wrists for a subtle perfume. 

Available in a 1 oz glass bottle.

Crafted in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love + plants:
Hawaiian cold pressed Macadamia Nut {Macadamia tetraphylla}, Organic extra virgin Olive {Olea europaea}, Organic virgin Coconut {Cocos nucifera}, Pikake Absolute {Jasminum sambac}, Jasmine Absolute {Jasminum grandiflorum}, Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil {Santalum paniculatum}

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