Hydrogen Technologies

Hydro-Cube (QB10)


The “QB 10” is Hydrogen Technologies’ next generation smart machine. It has a full colour 4.3 inch capacitive touch display with adjustable flow settings and built-in diagnostics for the user’s convenience. With its large tank capacity, the QB 10 has 24/7 continuous running capablities producing up to 1200ml per minute.

  • Constructed from powder coated aluminium – Components = 316L Stainless Steel
  • Productivity: up to 1200ml per minute
  • Atomic proportions of GAS Production:
    Hydrogen – 66.6% Oxygen – 33.3%
  • Weight – 15kg
  • Dimensions: H=420mm W=350 D=350mm
  • Volume/Flow control
  • 3-inch colour touch screen display
  • Low-level water sensor
  • 7L tank capacity


  • 1 x Quick release dedicated line (1.5M)
  • 1 x Quick release dedicated water infusion line
  • 1 x 2-micron stainless steel diffuser
  • Second dryer filter

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