VN Detox

Advanced Hydrogen Detox Foot Spa with Platinum Array


The Advanced Hydrogen Foot Spa by Vision Nation employs the latest technology in alternative body detoxification and relaxation therapy. This footbath unit comes with a platinum array, which generally lasts for a year minimum when used for 30 minute sessions daily.
A 12 month warranty is included. Note: The Advanced Hydrogen Foot Spa is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease or ailments, as it is a non-medical device.

What's included:  an aluminum case, the main touchscreen unit, a FIR (far infrared) waist belt, 3x pairs of TENS electrode pads and 3x TENS electrode cords, 1x pair of massage slippers, 1x pair of massage hand grenades, 1x user manual and you can choose either the standard array or the platinum array. With your purchase we also include a manual where the use of each accessory and instructions regarding the Foot Spa are further detailed.
Not included: the footbath basin or salt. Any plastic bowl large enough to fit your feet into is fine. A ceramic or glass bowl (or any non-conductive material) can also be used, we do not recommend stainless steel. Any salt is fine to use. Tap water is fine to use with the footbath, although filtered water may prolong the life of the standard array.
Any person falling into one or more of the following categories should NOT use the Foot Spa:
Anyone with a pacemaker, other magnetic device or battery-operated electrical implant.
Anyone who is taking heart medication and/or blood thinners.
Anyone who has received an organ transplant.
Pregnant or nursing women.
Anyone on medication or psychotherapy, the absence of which would cause physical or mental impairment or other associated conditions.
Anyone who is sensitive to low-level positive and negative currents while their feet are submerged in water.
How to start using the footbath: it's generally recommended to start slowly, with short sessions (approximately 10 minutes, or less) and then gradually build up. It's usually recommended to not exceed 30 minute sessions.
Instructions are provided with your purchase.

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