Resilience. Deep, refreshing sleep. It's possible.

There are over 14,000 published studies on the detrimental affects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs), considered by many scientists to be the smoking of our generation. In fact, they age us faster than smoking, while also causing myriad other stress symptoms on the body, preventing us from our natural detox processes, and creating the perfect onramp to chronic conditions. Big telecom $ don't want the studies to be publicized, but they're right there on PubMed and some of the most distinguished medical journals on the planet.

The problem is, this stuff can be kinda boring for the layman. And overwhelming.

Especially for, ahem, Americans. We just don't prioritize the kind of scientific study in our schools and adult culture that would make this easy to understand for the layperson. Europeans, Russians, Chinese - they all get this better than we do, have different building codes, and even China has specific laws protecting unborn children from EMF exposure. So yeah. On this front, we're behind China in protecting our citizens.

EMFs are impacting your health, your sleep, your stress level, your ability to think well, be at your ideal weight, feel your own emotions... the list goes on and on.

You can be doing everything else right, and still not heal.

I totally dismissed the entire issue of EMFs at first. And then when I finally understood it a little, I hoped I could fix it with "metaphysical" solutions. Uh, no. Not so much.

Michael had to figure it out. And thank God he did, because we were sleeping in 12 Volts of electricity every night, about 1200 times the amount considered safe, and over 100 times the safe amount of radiation. Those are cancer-encouraging numbers. We were pouring all of our money and energy into getting well, but we may as well have been flushing our expensive supplements down the toilet.

As soon as we addressed the EMFs, everything changed overnight. And I mean everything. We slept better, we made progress in all of our symptoms. We were less stressed, nicer to be around, had more mental stamina, our cats stopped fighting, we had more energy, I stopped taking my ADD meds. Michael's rash and digestive issues went way down, I dropped almost 5 pounds in one week that I could not get off with juicing and diet alone. The list goes on and on.

The good news? This is fixable. And it doesn't have to be hard.

We created this service to make it understandable, measurable, and doable for you.

How It Works:

We designed this as a remote service, so that everyone in the US and Canada has a chance to get their home assessed.

You can purchase your own meters, or you can save the money and borrow ours. We ship them to you for the session, and you return them to us.

We help you measure 3 different types of EMFs: ELF (body voltage), RF (microwaves), and dirty electricity.

We then provide recommendations tailored to your situation, prioritized to fit your budget.

Areas of Focus

We measure the places in your home where you spend the most time:

 - Bedrooms (EMFs block deep sleep, cell repair, and tissue regeneration that should happen at night)

 - Work areas (EMFs damage your DNA, affect your vision, concentration, and energy levels)

 - Where you eat (EMFs impact digestion by putting you into a stress response and blocking your enzymes from forming and working)

Customized Action Plan

Based on the readings and your budget, we help you prioritize the solutions needed to reduce those readings and protect your family's health.

Many of the recommended solutions are free. Some of them are very accessible, while some are quite costly. We will give you an honest, practical plan of action based on your situation.

Many of our esteemed colleagues in this field will charge for the readings, only for you to end up with a $30,000 bill to protect one room. While that might work for a select few, our mission is to help as many folks as possible to experience the health and well-being that is your birthright.

We are all about practical, simple solutions.

We use Building Biology standards established in Germany, considered the global standard for measuring EMFs.

Our best advice: don't wait.

Book a session today, you'll be so glad you did.



$797, temporarily discounted to $597

Due to the pandemic, it's more important than ever to protect your health.

We only set aside a few spots for these each month, we only have so many meters to ship out at one time.

What else is included?

 - Air quality solutions

 - A rundown of the biggest sources of toxins in the home

 - Toxic lighting assessment and training

Just know - it's so important to do the readings, but you gotta make the changes afterward to receive the benefits.




What clients are saying:

I cannot believe the difference it has made in our sleep. My mind is blown! I no longer wake up exhausted or groggy, my thinking is more clear, I don't crash in the afternoons anymore, I'm less irritable under stress. Even our kids are getting along better. I think they're finally getting the rest they needed! Wish we had done this sooner. Thanks Michael and Sinclair, so happy we did this.

 - Karen Altfeld

I did the EMF readings and installed the Sleep Switch because cancer runs in the family and I was concerned about potential environment stressors. My insomnia basically evaporated overnight, my psoriasis has calmed down, and my mood is just generally improved. I was not expecting that, I have to say. Thank you for making this feel doable and simple, I could not have done it without you!

 - Lori Whitaker