One of the biggest secrets to deeper sleep and more resilience is hiding in your walls.

The EMF Sleep Switch is a remote cut-off, UL listed device for turning off the

electrical circuits (EMF) in your home that affect your sleeping area. This lowers your EMF LOAD and can help you sleep and build your immune system. Understand the process.

It comes ready to install next to your main electrical panel, and requires minimal setup from an electrician. As a UL listed device, its quality and safety are guaranteed, and won't impact your homeowner's insurance.

The EMF Sleep Switch was created by our friend Dan Evison, an industrial engineer who worked with NASA. He designed this switch to combat EMFs with no inconvenience to you -- by hitting one button on a remote, you can turn off various circuits in your house for optimal healing while you sleep. Installing it with our electrician was a breeze.

This has been an essential tool for our recovery. As we share in our home assessments for folks, we could not get well without doing the readings in our bedroom, and reducing the EMFs in our sleeping area so that we could detox and heal while we slept, as our bodies are designed to do.

Simply put, our bodies are designed to detox and regenerate while we sleep. These complex processes are interrupted by exposure to electrical fields, radiation, and dirty electricity that are now ubiquitous in our homes. The Sleep Switch can help drastically reduce your overall EMF exposure by protecting you while you sleep, when it matters most.

Note: it's important to know your body voltage readings in your bedroom so that you're sure you're switching off the correct circuits when you install the Sleep Switch.


What's your actual EMF burden in your own home? Find out with an EMF home assessment today with trained professionals.

You can also DIY your readings by purchasing a body voltage kit here.

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