Hi there, we’re Sinclair and Michael, the duo behind Detox RejuveNation. (Read our shiny bio here). We're often asked why we started DRN, and the truth is not pretty. We spent over 30 years combined in personal development as coaches and trainers, and both became too sick to continue. Once we healed ourselves, we were finally free to get back to helping others.

This is our story, and where our passion for serving you, our community, stems from. Here’s why we’re so committed to coaching you through the detox process, and providing you with non-toxic, thoughtfully made products.

This is difficult to reflect on, and even harder to reveal. But if even one person can avoid the pain we experienced because we shared this, then it’s worth it.


I lost many years of my life to toxin-induced illness. This came on slowly, and I had two decades worth of warning signs: over sensitivity to chemicals and certain foods, long-term stress I couldn’t shake, a tendency toward depression, becoming far more introverted than I was in childhood, brain fog and shortened attention span, never able to relax completely, stress eating with persistent cravings, stubborn weight gain, disproportionate reactions to frustrating experiences, becoming more overwhelmed with time, feeling fragile and not like myself, and experiencing an increasing sense of burnout.  

Everything I’d learned as a 4th generation entrepreneur and American said, “Push through. I’ll rest when I’m dead. No pain, no gain.” I resented my body’s limitations, and thought I could ignore the warning signs. That addressing them was a sign of weakness, and taking care of myself would only slow me down.

And then it was too late.

I ended up in the hospital, and finally checked myself out when they couldn't figure out was wrong with me. Michael took me home, I crawled into bed, and I didn't get out for months. My business fell apart, and so did everything else.

I tried to understand what had happened to me, and claw my way back to some level of function, but invariably I would crash again.

I remember very little about ages 26-34, except for moments like these:

  • Standing in the grocery store, staring at a refrigerated case of water and watching a woman open the door, grab a bottle and walk away. Bursting into tears because I couldn’t find the will to open that case door. Leaving without the water.
  • Being unable to lift my arms up high enough to brush my teeth, so I didn’t. For 5 years. I would lay down flat on the couch with a paper towel, and slowly nudge my arms up to be able to wipe my teeth with it.
  • Periods of brain fog and delusion so intense that I would lose all sense of perspective or awareness outside of myself.
  • Flying into a rage at my local coffee shop because the line took 5 minutes, and I couldn’t survive the pain of standing on concrete for that long. Thinking it was the baristas and customers ruining my day.
  • Crying at the thought of having to pee, because it meant I had to find the energy to get to the bathroom.
  • Going years without seeing the back of my own office building or my employees that worked in that area, because I couldn’t walk that far.
  • Living on 2-3 foods at a time, because they were the only things I could keep down.
  • Michael having to pull me out of my car when I arrived home from work, because I couldn’t get out of the car by myself.
  • Aiming to drink enough each night to wake up buzzed to offset the pain.
  • Taping my fingers straight with popsicle sticks before bed, to try to save my joints. If I didn’t, it would take hours to unclench my hands the next day. Driving to work using my wrists to steer.
  • Starting every day with a panic attack, before I even got out of bed. It was the only way I could get up. I would obsessively run through the most terrifying thoughts about my life and what was going wrong in our business, to force myself to hyperventilate enough to sit up.
  • Wanting to die, every day. Having to work hard not to step in front of traffic. Michael had to yank me back onto the sidewalk before someone hit me, more times than I can count.

Every day felt like a desperate fight for survival.

I worked like hell to ignore my symptoms, and even harder to hide them. I thought they were signs of weakness, laziness, and the depression I couldn’t shake. Hiding this from my friends was easy because I didn’t have the energy to maintain those relationships, and they all gave up on me. I worked harder to hide the symptoms from my family, my employees, and our customers. I just knew that I’d lose my income and possibly the whole business if I was honest about my limitations.

I used all of my energy to develop a tough persona and bark at people to keep them at bay, so they thought I was still somewhat in control. In truth, I couldn’t read well enough to get through an email, let alone respond to one. I had no idea what was going on in my company, most of the time. And I'm pretty sure I seemed like a total whackjob.

I knew I was depressed more than I was aware of the pain. I wondered, what had happened to me? Where was the intelligent, patient, caring, productive, proactive leader that I used to be? I thought I was a complete failure and was afraid that I was going insane. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me, which was devastating. They were happy to prescribe me antidepressants, diet pills, ADD meds, and sleep pills, but those whacked me out even more. I planned my suicide many, many times. The only thing that kept me from going through with it was the guilt that I would leave Michael on his own with a huge mess to clean up.

I had always been a very spiritual person, but I could no longer feel that connection or support.

I thought God had left me for dead.

It was Michael who saved me. He figured out that I had toxin-induced illnesses and heavy metal poisoning, and he found the specialists who could confirm it. Now I had a diagnosis: toxin-induced Fybromyalgia, Hashimoto’s disease, chronic Lyme disease, PANDAS, EBV, mold toxicity, and heavy metal poisoning. But none of the doctors had any idea what would help. I was taught ineffective strategies to manage it, and told that I would never be well. Never be cured.

Michael had a completely unrelated set of symptoms and conditions, which also had defied diagnosis and made it difficult for him to function. He had a brain fog so intense, it took him 10 hours to wake up everyday. He was plagued with unresolvable teeth grinding, terrible sleep, intolerable skin issues, deep depression, severe paranoia, bouts of rage, and crippling food allergies that often changed overnight.

He was in a private hell that no one could see, or help him to escape.

He researched for thousands of hours, gathering ground-breaking studies, cutting edge methods, and ancestral healing techniques together to help us both. He attended hundreds of summits and conferences meant for medical professionals, training directly under world-renowned researchers, sifting through endless approaches to find what actually works. He healed both of us by identifying and removing the toxic stressors from our food, home, and work. He is the reason I’m walking, the reason I can read and I write. The reason I’m alive.

And the strategies worked for us both.

That was the light bulb moment for us -

We had completely different symptoms, and the same protocols cured us. All of this cutting-edge research from different fields on different continents is pointing toward a few crucial changes that must be made to rescue our collective health and well-being. The symptoms are myriad, but the solutions are consistent and simple. 

What we share on this site is the culmination of his years of research, and our shared study under the world’s leading experts on toxicology and modern chronic illness. We’ve paired that with our combined 30+ years of experience in personal development and coaching, to make this material accessible and the life you want achievable, even under the onslaught of these toxins.

The hard truth is that we're all exposed to a frightening amount of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and plastics daily, and our bodies’ natural detox processes are unable to keep up. They need our help. If left unattended, the physical, emotional, and mental resulting cascade effects are devastating.

Whether you’re already aware of symptoms that you’re experiencing, or you simply want to prevent this from happening to you, we are here for you. Our goal is to educate you on the toxicants that you’re exposed to every day, and how they’re holding you back from the radiant vitality that is your birthright.

We’re here to empower you to reclaim your full vitality, and protect your future health. To help change makers survive this urgent time, show up fully, and do your best work. It’s our privilege to share this information with you.

We’ve created trainings to help you protect and heal yourself and your loved ones, and curated safe artisan-made products for you that are easy on the planet. It’s taking too long for big business and the American medical community to catch up to what’s really happening to us. We can’t wait for them to figure it out, we have to become our own advocates.

Join us on this journey - we're here for you.

With all our love,

Sinclair and Michael