Quicksilver Scientific

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract


Broad Effects, Powerful Results

THC-Free Hemp Extract – CBD is renowned for its calming, balancing effects on the mind and body. This premium cannabinoid + 11 terpene extract tests clean and is non-psychoactive. Our formula is rounded out by beta-caryophyllene, a terpenoid found throughout the plant kingdom that potentiates the beneficial activities of phytocannabinoids, contributing to the “entourage effect.”*


Lab Proven for 5x Better Absorption – Typical CBD tincture absorption hovers at a disappointing 6-10%. Our exclusive liposomal delivery offers 5x better absorption measured by serum active cannabidiol levels.*


Cost Effective – The problem with most CBD products is that no matter their dose, much is lost in the GI tract. We maximize efficiency by delivering CBD to your bloodstream at 1/3 the cost per mg absorbed compared to other CBD tinctures.*



Liposomes protect nutrients to help prevent breakdown by stomach acid and facilitate intracellular delivery. *


Many liposomal products have large particles that absorb poorly. Our particles fall in an industry-leading 50-100nm range.


Our liposomes are so small they begin absorbing as soon as they hit the mouth.

How To Use

Take 4 pumps and hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Increase frequency of use if needed or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals. If pregnant consult a physician before use. Use caution if subject to drug screening. Please be advised hemp extract can cause positive test results.

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