ChelaTox™ Bullet+



Each bullet contains 900 mg of CaNa(2)EDTA, 250 mg of Glutathione, SRT, and APO-808 Probiotic Strain.


ABC has a unique chelation product with both EDTA as well as the powerful detoxification molecule Glutathione. EDTA releases the cholesterol, and/or toxic build-up in the body, and Glutathione uses its natural ability to wrap and transport the toxins out of the body.
Absorption and bio-availability are the keys to how well it works. For end users, as well as physicians looking for the best quality, MitoZen has shown itself to be the proven leader in chelation. Science is important, as not all products are of the same quality. Methods, formulas, ingredients, consistency, time-release, combined probiotic strains, and other important aspects that create high absorption of EDTA and Glutathione.

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