Systemic Formulas

Gf – Thyroid


Gf Thyroid Builds and balances the thyroid gland. This formula supports the thyroid gland’s role as a master control gland in producing normal, healthy metabolism. Gf assists the major metabolic actions of the endocrine systems. Helpful in supporting a healthy weight and in combating jet lag.

Clinicians have relied on this formula for 30 years to support normal thyroid performance and its role in the body’s
adaptations to climate and metabolic influences. The thyroid gland controls many aspects of cellular activities and is

rightly called ‘the master regulator.’


  • Supports healthy metabolic expressions
  • Supports normal adaptation to climate and seasonal weather changes
  • Use for general malaise and fatigue
  • Supports circadian rhythms (jet lag, sleep/waking cycles)
  • Supports menstrual and menopausal comfort
  • Thyroid and parathyroid nutrition support


  • RNA/DNA Thyroid Tissue Factors Supports the thyroid tissue integrity and normal metabolic function via nucleic acids and available proteins.
  • Pata de Vaca – Rain forest (Brazilian) botanical known to help normal cellular glucose/energy functions, innate blood purification processes and normal fat metabolic activities.
  • Abutua – Rain forest (Brazilian) botanical known to support a normal immune relationship to free radical processes; assists balance of natural hormone cycles.
  • Irish Moss – A cold water seaweed having soothing effects on membranes, contains antioxidants, contains ionic minerals and supports normal thyroid activity via a tiny amount of ioniciodine.
  • Curcubito pepo - A gourd oil known to soften and support glands; supports mitochondrial beta-oxidative energy processes. The thyroid requires abundant fatty acids for cellular beta oxidative processes and the production of the T4 molecule.
  • Kelp -- A source of selenium, iodine, and trace minerals. 


Has a very tiny amount of ionic iodine inherent in the Irish Moss and Kelp. Historically does not aggravate hyperthyroid conditions

60 capsules

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