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K - Kidney


Comprehensive support for kidneys. This formula is the preeminent kidney support formula for integrity of the kidney tissue. K Kidney is also a great addition to a general bladder health protocol.

Targeted nutrition for the kidneys. A combination of traditional and non-traditional herbs and nutrients. Doc Wheelwright designed this formula to support normal kidney/bladder functions: e.g. regulate pH, purify the blood, process vitamin D3, help maintain normal blood pressure, generate healthy kidney ch’i, maintain healthy electrolyte balance, and produce erythropoietin hormone. In Chinese herbology, the kidneys are the seat of the vital ch’i that provides confidence and determination.


  • Kidney tissue integrity

  • Bladder integrity

  • All kidney and kidney-related functions

  • Back pain programs adjunct

  • Heart programs adjunct

  • Bone building programs

  • Self-confidence building programs

  • Drainage during purification programs


  • Buchu Agathosma betulina. A South African herb traditionally used as a kidney tonic. Supports normal kidney self-maintenance processes.

  • Cha de Bugre Cordia ecalyculata. A rain forest botanical known to support normal kidney, liver and heart functions. Contains allantoin. Has mild diuretic properties.

  • Cleavers Herb Galium aparine. Supports normal bladder and kidney relations with the microbial kingdom. Supports normal kidney self-maintenance processes. Often used as a culinary ingredient in soups.

  • Gelatin – Has specific amino acids that nutritionally support the kidneys’ protein structures. Building and supportive of kidney tissue.

  • Juniper Berries – Supports normal kidney functions regarding microbes, congestion, tone, and self-purification processes. An alkalizer and mild diuretic.

  • Rose Hips – Contains natural vitamin C. Often used for kidney support and bladder control. Supports the normal processes of collagen maintenance which helps sustain the tissue strength and elasticity e.g. tissue integrity.  

  • Sete Sangrias – A Brazilian ‘wonder herb.’ Supports normal kidney performance regarding body fluid level regulation, normal blood pressure regulation processes, and much more.

  • RNA/DNA Kidney Factors – Specific support for the kidneys’ cellular identity and tissue integrity via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.


60 capsules

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