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Marine Plasma Drinkable Sea Water


Ibiza & Formentera Seawater Co. is a family eco enterprise related to the sea, the values of health and the protection to the environment. They collect sea water from privileged sites with high stability in the composition of minerals; sites where sea currents keep the seawater clean and the salinity constant, and where sea currents are a circular type called a vortex. In these sites are large concentrations of plankton, a second food chain on Earth which, along with sea plants, transform non bioavailable minerals into bioavailable minerals that are fully comparable to our body, through a process called marine biocenosis. This seawater is called MARINE PLASMA.

Ibiza & Formentera Seawater is STRUCTURED Seawater.

Structuring seawater provides a molecular coherence in the seawater, restoring its optimum condition for the development of its primary function, which is the maximum hydration and assimilation of minerals through inner medium, without which the cells could not perform their important functions for the body.

They use an ultra-filtration system, which is very similar to the body system filters, allowing rapid absorption of nutrients and reduction in the dosage needed.

This capture and extraction protocol, along with the ultra-filtration system, which does not use materials that change the chemical composition of water, makes this seawater the highest quality available.

Size 750ml

Per the manufacturer, "The maximum recommended dose per person per day is 50 ml (except in certain cases, consult your doctor or health professional)." For more information visit their site Ibiza & Formentera - Marine Plasma.

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