MitoSkin+ – Melatonin Cream


Size: 2 oz                                        

Melatonin, Apocynin, GHK cu Peptide, Resveratrol, Methylene Blue (pharmaceutical grade), Terpene profile: Linalool, Myrcene, Essential Oils: Boswellia, Coconut Oil, Glycerine.

It took 3 years of beta testing and experiments testing combinations of ingredients, to create the most effective and dramatic skin cream. The goal is a reversal in the appearance of skin aging with Melatonin (don’t worry this cream won’t make you fall asleep), Resveratrol, Apocynin, Methylene Blue, Essential oils, and GHK cu Peptide all in one skin cream. Try it for 30-90 days and see what your skin’s potential is. A 2 Oz bottle can be used in the morning and evening over the face, neck, and tops of hands for all skin types.

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