Physicians' Standard

Nitro Boost


Supports Natural Energy Production*

Physicians’ Standard Nitro Boost muscle supplement is designed for the serious power athlete looking to give their workouts that extra edge and add power to their game or those who want 8-10 hours of time-released energy.

Nitro Boost is a combination of powerful ingredients that work to promote metabolism and ATP production in the mitochondria—the true powerhouses of each cell—and the addition of RNA and DNA provide a source of nucleotides to support energy production.*

After taking Physicians’ Standard Nitro Boost, your patients will quickly feel the effects of a better metabolism, enhanced mental clarity, and optimal post-training recovery.

Our Nitro Boost formula includes a powerful blend of…

  • Guarana Seed Extract – A shrub from the Amazon that bears berries; Contains caffeine.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Contains potent bioflavonoid-like antioxidants known as polyphenols; Supports mental function and memory and possibly longevity.*
  • Kudzu Root – Used in Chinese medicine as early as 200 BC; May promote circulation and help relieve stiffness after activity.*
  • Cordyceps Extract – A Chinese tonifying herb that’s been used for centuries to provide energy and support the kidneys and lungs.*
  • American Ginseng Root Extract – Considered an “adaptogen” that can help the body deal with stress, support the immune system, help provide energy, support digestion, and more.*

Important Note

NOT recommended after 12:00 p.m.

NOT recommended for pregnant or nursing women

NOT recommended if you suffer from adrenal exhaustion or high blood pressure

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