Physicians' Standard

Pure Endurance


Supports Optimal Performance and Cellular Energy*

Physicians’ Standard Pure Endurance is specially formulated to provide long-lasting, clean-burning energy and endurance to help your patients get through the day. 

When cells work more efficiently, not only do patients feel more energetic but organs and tissues also function at optimal levels.*

Our energy supplement’s patented, synergistic formula supports both physical and mental endurance and performance.* Containing vitamins, minerals, and important cofactors that facilitate oxygen and nutrient transfer to muscles and cells, Pure Endurance offers exceptional support for athletes and nonathletes alike.* 

Pure Endurance promotes optimal utilization of dietary fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and helps support the body’s:

  • Energy production*
  • Physical endurance and stamina*
  • Mental clarity*
  • Removal of toxins*
  • Immune function*

Pure Endurance Naturally Energizes

Physicians’ Standard Pure Endurance supplement helps restore the body’s energy without the use of artificial stimulants that can stress adrenals, and promotes overall efficiency of cellular energy production.*

The mitochondria, the powerhouse found in nearly every cell in the body, produces energy through reactions that are essential to maintaining optimal health, energy, and vitality. Physicians’ Standard Pure Endurance contains vitamins, minerals and other cofactors that support these vital processes by promoting optimal cellular metabolism.*

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