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Rapid Gut Reset Supplement Kit

$367 $441.82

Choose which kit you need from the drop down menu above: Month 1, Month 2, or Months 1 + 2.  

This supportive pack has hand-picked elements to ease digestion, rebuild the gut, nurture resilience, and replenish energy.

Designed specifically to be paired with Rapid Gut Reset by Sinclair Kennally and Michael Spandel.

**Please note that CT-Minerals has been removed from these kits, and prices adjusted accordingly, until it can be reformulated. 

Month 1

  • Energy  to awaken your mitochondria
  • MAP Aminos  for instant nourishing of the mind and body
  • KL Support to restore flow to our digestive and detox systems, especially the liver
  • TUDCA to build bile and release old sluggish bile
  • Biotoxin Binder to bind ammonia and toxins, including mycotoxins
  • Oxy-Powder to release trapped material
  • Bitter X to support gastric juices and bile flow for better digestion

Month 2

  • MegaSpore is a  spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function
  • Para 1 removes unwanted biofilms, build up and other invaders to leave more nutrients and resources for your immune system to get a boost 
  • Para 2 feeds good microbes supporting a healthy microbiome and chases out or attacks unwanted infections

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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