Physicians' Standard



Supports Healthy Thyroid Function*

While it's estimated that 59 million Americans have a thyroid issue, the majority are unaware that the cause of their stress and fatigue is due to poor thyroid health.

If you have patients you suspect are suffering from less-than-optimal thyroid health, Physicians’ Standard T/NRG might be just what they need to achieve optimal thyroid health.* T/NRG is formulated to boost metabolism and help support and protect the thyroid gland from stress, immune system assault, and overstimulation from pituitary hormones.*

Physicians’ Standard bioenhances the following active ingredients in T/NRG with our proprietary extraction process to provide maximum benefits:*

  • Ginger Root Extract: May help promote a normal body temperature and increase metabolic rate and boost circulation, promoting warmth in the hands and feet.*
  • Lemon Extract: Plays a very important role in maintaining thyroid health and function.* Its bioflavonoids help strengthen the inner lining of blood vessels, especially veins and capillaries.*
  • Eleuthero Siberian Root (Panax Ginseng): Supports adrenal gland function, especially when the body is challenged by stress, thus promoting immune function.* In addition, it promotes cognitive and physical performance and general health.*
  • Zinc: An excess of inactive thyroid hormones in your body can affect the thyroid gland. Zinc supports thyroid function as it helps convert the inactive hormone T4 into the active hormone T3.*
  • Selenium: An active component of the enzyme that helps convert T4 to T3, selenium may help maintain the production and conversion of thyroid hormones.* Deficiencies of selenium may result in less-than-optimal thyroid function.

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