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Sweet Immune Support*

Physicians’ Standard Xyli-Glucan tastes great and contains many additional health benefits.* Our formula reinforces immune systems in individuals who, because of age, poor nutrition, stress, or an overload of environmental toxins, may benefit from immune support.*

After 20 years of research, Physicians’ Standard has created a bio-advanced product to sweeten food in a responsible way.* Our Xyli-Glucan provides a healthy option for food sweetening, and its two main ingredients have been shown to promote immune system function and overall health.*

Xyli-Glucan Is Powerful

Physicians’ Standard Xyli-Glucan won’t be a negative factor for people with weight issues, tooth decay, or less-than-optimal oral health. It has no negative side effects, and adds delicious flavor to any food or drink.*

Using Xyli-Glucan regularly can lessen the negative side effects of caffeine and sugar, while supporting immune function and promoting a positive environment for optimal oral health*

Xyli-Glucan’s two primary ingredients are:

  • Xylitol: Known by some as “wood sugar” or “sugar alcohol,” this low-glycemic natural sweetener is great because it may convert to glucose more slowly and requires little or no insulin to be metabolized. This slow conversion means that Xylitol doesn't cause a spike in blood sugar.  It can be found naturally in fruit and berries, and contains 2/3 to 1/2 of the calories of regular sugar.

Xylitol is a dentist’s dream since it can help reverse the destructive effects of regular sugars on dental health.* Xylitol is nonfermentable (unlike sugar), and since it can’t be converted to acids by oral bacteria, Xylitol helps maintain an optimal acid/alkaline balance in your mouth.*Long-term use of Xylitol has been shown to promote a healthy oral environment.*

  • Beta 1,3 1,6 Glucan: Glucan encourages a positive immune response, and is a natural, nontoxicsugar that is found in every living thing, plants and animals alike. Immunologists have known of the immune-supporting benefits of Beta Glucan for years.* Our patented Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6 in Xyli-Glucan is derived from edible mushrooms.

The regular use of Beta Glucan helps promote optimal detoxification.* Individuals under stress can especially benefit from its use.* Beta Glucan is safe and beneficial for everyone, but particularly for families with small children.*

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