Daytime Aluminum-Free Deodorant


Size: Large

Works all day to regulate rather than mask sweat and odors.

A mild blend of warm spicy essential oils such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosewood, Lemon and Coriander. Made with certified organic ingredients, it is completely free of synthetic chemicals. Blended with 11 essential oils plus tapioca, arrowroot and rice starches. Beeswax provides a noncomedogenic base (does not clog pores like petroleum based products) that is soothing, while protecting against bacteria and inflammation.

  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Completely free of synthetic chemicals
  • Effective protection for men and women
  • Wicks away sweat without irritating cells

Herbalix gentle yet effective day time deodorants are great for use in combination with Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant™. They are non suppressive, allowing your body to perspire without feeling damp and without odor.

Available in four scents:

Tropical Cove: Our breezy signature scent filled with warm spicy essential oils of Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosewood, Lemon and Coriander.
Roseline: Natural rose and rosewood essential oil
Geranium: The favorite scent of Cleopatra, it still entices with its woodsy/spicy/green tones.
No Added Fragrance: A clean mild natural aroma that comes from our base oils. Great for those who have sensitivities to essential oils or enjoy fragrance free products without the use of masking agents.

Herbalix™ Botanical and Sea Vegetable Blend is a major key to the effectiveness of all our products. It synergistically boosts the action of the other ingredients and works as a superb organic preservative. (Made from 60 energetically live herbs and sea vegetables from the world’s oceans and three continents)

Chemical and petroleum free.

Never tested on animals.

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