“I’m very impressed by what Sinclair and Michael have put together: VERY cutting edge. Absolutely nothing else like it out there!
I can already feel that it’s been a game changer for me
(and probably for everyone else who follows through).”

- Dr. Christiane Northrup, women's health expert, multiple New York Times best-selling author, one of Oprah's Super Soul 100


"I’ve personally worked with Michael and Sinclair to bring my very own health back to life. After suffering an unfortunate hormone replacement therapy overdose that left me feeling wrecked with severe chronic fatigue, gut pain and bloating that was so unbearable it was nearly career-ending because I could not focus or work or dedicate even an ounce of energy to anyone else—let alone my online business and practice. I spent a significant amount of money bouncing from physician to physician to get well with nothing to show for it. No one knew what to do with me and it was defeating. Luckily I’m part of a health-focused mastermind group that connected me to Sinclair. It took one morning in casual conversation with her to realize Detox Rejuvenation’s approach to gut health, detox and healing the body is beyond what everyone else is doing. They are very specialized and hands on with their clients. The next time we were together I was practically begging them to take me on—and I’m a gut health and weight loss expert!

I’ve had bigger and better results working with them than with any other protocol, and in such a short amount of time. Within weeks I was starting to feel like an actual human being again. This is everything.

I’ve completely revamped how I’m treating my own patients thanks to Sinclair and Michael's guidance. This has been a win-win for everyone. My husband is beyond excited to have his wife back. I feel truly blessed that our paths crossed and that Michael and Sinclair have been able to help me heal what was keeping me down for the past two years."

-Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS (Millennial Fat Loss & Gut Health Expert)


"When you find healers who know exactly what to do and sincerely “get it” there is a wave of relief that runs through your being. That is how I felt the first time I met Sinclair and Michael. They have not disappointed. They have exceeded my high expectations consistently.  What a blessing to have finally found them!"
- Shivan Sarna, TV host, author of Healing SIBO, creator behind the docuseries Digestion SOS: Rescue and Relief for IBS, SIBO, and Leaky Gut

"Michael and Sinclair have been incredible partners throughout our detox journey, teaching us, answering our hundreds of questions, and helping us understand how to navigate our new day-to-day. I can’t stress enough how patient and knowledgeable they are. I have literally never asked a question that they don’t know the answer to. Having them to lean on was, and continues to be, absolutely invaluable.


I quickly learned that most of what I thought I knew about “being healthy” was very misguided. One of the most jarring realizations was that I had a severe parasite problem which was contributing to my gut issues and also causing a lot of other minor issues that I had never even considered (knee and joint pain, weight gain, inability to quickly build or maintain muscle, trouble falling asleep, frequent stuffy nose, food allergies etc.)


Looking back at the past year and realizing how much I have transformed both mentally and physically is really incredible. What is interesting is that I didn’t actually know how good I could feel. I had learned to live with the aches, pains, and food allergies, chalking them up to “I guess that’s just how I’m built” or “I guess this is what happens when you turn 30.”


Since starting my detox journey I’ve lost close to 30 pounds, put on more muscle, and have eradicated all of my gut issues. I also have more energy, I fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply (without the aid of marijuana). I feel great after I eat and I have so much more mental clarity. What’s crazy is how addictive it is. Once I started to clear up my parasite issues I feel like I turned a corner and made it my mission to fully commit to the program. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been 100% worth it. If there is one investment you make for yourself this year, choose detox. You definitely won’t regret it."

- Ben Thiefels, web strategist


"It's like I've taken my health, mind and body to a whole new level of feeling fantastic and being in tune with what my body, and more importantly, my brain needs to function optimally.
Sinclair and Michael's coaching has improved every aspect of my life. My persistent histamine and gut sensitivities have resolved, my skin has calmed down, and I understand how to eat for energy and resilience. I'm in a better mood and my mind is clearer, which makes running my business and my home much more enjoyable. I just feel younger, like layers of fuzziness have been removed from my brain and body. Everything is easier. Because I'm feeling and looking younger, I'm even noticing that it's easier to be more visible in my business. I'm doing more Facebook & Instagram lives, I'm networking more, etc.

This has absolutely blown my mind! You guys did an amazing job and your depth of knowledge on this subject is so impressive. Thank you so much!!"

- Darcy Sauers, founder of Doula Academy, educator, and activist

Darcy Sauer

"The depth of Sinclair’s and Michael’s knowledge is mind-blowing. As someone who has been scientifically studying health and toxic exposures for decades, it takes a lot for me to have confidence that someone else will teach me new things about health and vitality. After being pregnant and nursing for the past seven years straight, I had managed to get so close to my ideal body and energy level, but just couldn’t seem to get through that last, final push. It is common knowledge that the closer we get, the harder it becomes; and that was definitely the case for me. I am in so much appreciation for the innovative weight release system that Sinclair and Michael have created and for how attainable my ideal body finally feels and is. You have nothing to lose (except any weight your body will truly benefit from releasing!) and everything to gain."

- Dr. Cleopatra Abdou Kamperveen

Cleopatra Abdou Kamperveen

"I'm Kate Northrup, the bestselling author of "Do Less" and seven figure business owner, and I recently went through Rapid Reset with Detox RejuveNation and Sinclair and Michael. And I have to tell you, I have never done an online course before where I actually showed up for every session and did every single exercise and piece of homework. Well, I did like 80% of them for this program and I have had the most incredible results. I would say first and foremost, my mental clarity is so profoundly improved. I was coming off four years plus of pregnancies and birth and nursing and surgery and various things and I was just ready to release the energetic and toxic burdens, all of the burdens on my body. Knowing that I was primarily adding protocols on, as opposed to subtracting things, was really powerful because as someone who has struggled with food and eating disorders in the past, it was really important for me to be supporting myself through addition rather than subtraction and feeling like I was deprived. 

The protocols themselves have been incredibly profound. I've leaned out, and my clothes fit better. I have tremendous mental clarity and have been able to laser in on some key decisions to move the needle in our company profoundly. One particular decision helped us break a sort of toxic habit that we've had probably going on for 10 years.

The support from Michael and Sinclair has been incredible. They are true revolutionaries, luminaries, torch holders leading a revolution of detoxification and healthy living. And I'm just so happy as a mother of two small little girls to know this information. I knew some of it, but the stuff I already knew, they articulated it in a way that now I understand more deeply and my eyes have been open to all of the different ways that I can avoid toxic burden for myself and my family, regarding areas that I never even knew. And I consider myself somebody who's super up on wellness and cutting edge research. They brought a lot of new information to me that I did not know before. So I'm incredibly grateful for this program. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Sinclair.

Thank you Detox RejuveNation. I am transformed and I am a lifer."

- Kate Northrup


"What I love about Michael and Sinclair's approach is that it’s not just about weight. It’s about getting to the problem of what’s truly going on your body at the core micro level and resetting your ability to rid your body of things that are not supposed to be there..including excess weight! Michael and Sinclair are amazing and really really know what they are doing! Any questions that came up, they were so responsive and their depth of knowledge is incredible. I feel so amazing and empowered to be and stay healthy and at my highest peak state."

- Alisa Owens



"I’ve lost all excess fat I had, and my digestive system is working like a charm. I have more physical and mental energy, and I feel stronger, with more stamina.  I have always had a caring and conscious relationship with my body, but Rapid Reset gave me the tools, strategies and knowledge to honour it with a diet, supplements and other detox methods that are science-based and actually work. 

So grateful for your passion, brain, heart and soul. Both of you!!"

- Alexandra Hughes

"Because of the high level coaching, energy and spiritual guidance work that I do, I take seriously all components of my human. It’s been a dozen years since I started on a path of understanding my health in all ways. Most recently I experienced a new level of resources and health through coaching with Sinclair and Michael. They gave me a system that I was excited to commit to and constant research on the best products, protocols and ways to advance my health. 
I now have another level of physical energy, mental clarity and even weight loss in that I’m not puffy any more, which I wasn't expecting. AND, I look even younger which I’ll take.
This work is essential for anyone who has responsibilities in their life and must show up every day in the best way possible in their health and wellness. I’m beyond grateful with full trust in both of them!"
- Kisma Orbovich, founder of Illumination Academy