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Gut issues, low energy, brain fog, skin issues, body aches, and distorted emotions - these are the inflammatory epidemics of our time. And it's not an accident.

You're exposed to over 1,000,000 toxic particles per day, and your toxic burden shot up from 10 toxins per cell in 2008 to a staggering 500 toxins per cell in 2018. These lower your IQ, interrupt your body's ability to heal itself, and create the perfect onramp to chronic conditions.

We just can't accept that. We want you to be at your best, doing your best work.
Because we want this world to thrive, and we know it takes all of us to make that happen.


Sinclair: Michael and I believe at our very foundation, we are multi-layered beings, and healing occurs on different levels of consciousness. We are not just biochemical bodies, we are bioelectrical with complex nervous systems commanding every aspect of our immune systems. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness have cascade effects on our physical health, and these layers can't be ignored in the healing process.
Many health practitioners today acknowledge that our thoughts, emotions, and lived experiences affect our health just as much as our toxic exposure and genetics, if not more so.
But giving a nod to "holistic" principles in your marketing and philosophy is not enough - you have to understand how to access and support these different levels of consciousness in someone's healing process.
Every therapeutic model has its strengths and limitations - that's why you need health practitioners that move effortlessly between therapeutic frameworks to serve you as the client or student.
To that end, the therapeutic models we use in our 1-1 and group work include: biochemical protocols, parasympathetic system therapies, somatic trauma release, Family Systems work, Family Constellations, ART, PK, NLP, and Symbolic Modeling, as well as practical detox principles in functional medicine and functional nutrition.

As a CNC and certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist, I rely heavily on emerging data in the rapidly evolving field of new health. I'm ART trained and have had the privilege of apprenticing with some of the leading edge German functional medicine pioneers today. I'm also a Resonance Repatterning practitioner, PK certified, a family systems facilitator, and NLP master practitioner. 

As a survivor of complex chronic illness and serious trauma, I'm able to support our clients' through their health journeys with deep shared understanding and total joy in their triumphs. As co-founder and CEO of Detox RejuveNation, I also oversee our group programs, education development, and lifestyle collections at DRN.

I'm a passionate advocate for taking your well-being into your own hands, and making choices that support your own health and the health of our planet. But without moving to the woods and living only on leaves. (Unless that's your thing!)

From top ranking pro athletes to NASA scientists to Tony Award winners, I've helped change makers of all stripes to reclaim their health and get back to who they truly are. As an experienced CEO running multi-million dollar companies, I intimately understand that showing up for your health first makes your mission and vision take a huge leap forward. I had to learn that the hard way.

With Detox RejuveNation, our mission is to build a movement uniting change makers and assisting you to show up fully, so that you can do your best work.

We've designed our marketplace to compliment this mission: our makers are our partners in thriving, and our audience can trust that each item has been crafted with care for both their own well-being and that of the planet. Drawing on my experience designing hundreds of items for Lowes, Target, and boutique brands, I love to share items that actually solve your health problems, add to your vitality instead of your toxic burden, and inspire a more loving world. These core values have steered us as Detox RejuveNation has grown from an idea to a destination platform for healthy choices. 

I'm now living the life of my dreams, but I gotta tell ya it was not an easy path to get here. Read more about our detox journey here.

For most of us, health - vibrant aliveness - is no longer the default. But it can be. 

This is our mission: to restore this sacred right to well being.

As co-founder and Chief Research Officer, Michael oversees all protocol development, coaching programs, and health product selection at DRN.


Michael: My motto is, “Health is the truest form of wealth.” Our clients will tell you that my obsession with finding solutions, and my passion for systems that heal, drives everything that we do. They're right!

Originally a therapist, I realized through my own journey that detoxing our health was the real key to many of the issues plaguing us as a culture. After years of relentless research and protocol development, I'm ever more convinced that saving ourselves and this planet starts with detox. I'm constantly researching new health protocols, experimenting with detox methods, and reviewing the latest toxicant studies to support our clients, students, and customers. For the last 15 years I've been completely committed to the healing journey, reshaping people's lifestyles so that their bodies can heal themselves. I've helped hundreds of individuals from every walk of life - from the criminally insane to pro athletes to the CEOs of Inc 500 companies.

I know how horrible it is to feel robbed of your potential, search endlessly for solutions, and feel like no one gets it. I also know how good it feels to finally feel like yourself again. I'm committed to sharing these precious solutions with you here in this community, so that you don't have to waste decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars the way I did.

Together, Sinclair and I have distilled our combined 30+ years experience in personal and business development into a powerful suite of healing experiences and products for DRN. 

Carla Davenport L.Ac., colon hydrotherapist

Carla has been a passionate student of human health ever since she was little and could read. In 2002, she went to massage school to help deal with her discomfort touching people. While pursuing her pre-meds she studied advanced bodywork modalities, colon hydrotherapy and acupuncture and herbal medicine. As an older non-traditional student, working full time in NYC while also going to school full-time for holistic medicine her health took a beating. The eczema of her childhood returned along with fatigue and estrogen dominance symptoms. Traditional holistic modalities managed but didn’t significantly improve the symptoms. At the same time, navigating the health system for her father with dementia, she realized the limitations of practicing as a MD and the strong allopathic influences in most naturopathic and holistic schooling. In searching for practitioners more aligned with her values on health, she found Sinclair and Michael.
Studying/mentoring and finally healing under their guidance has filled in the gaps of knowledge she had been seeking for decades and revealed the real root causes to dis-ease. She continues practicing as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist focusing on women’s health, skin conditions, and musculoskeletal health, while integrating all the new knowledge in the root cause medicine space as she continues her studies.

Our team is here to help you reclaim your full potential: energy, clarity, creativity, and joyful aliveness.

You have every right to feel like yourself again, at the very top of your game. It's not too late. In fact, you're right on time.

Read more about our detox journey, and explore how to work with us here.

We're so glad that you're here!


Sinclair and Michael