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Coaching Testimonial

Dr. Cleopatra Abdou Kamperveen

"The depth of Sinclair’s and Michael’s knowledge is mind-blowing. As someone who has been scientifically studying health and toxic exposures for decades, it takes a lot for me to have confidence that someone else will teach me new things about health and vitality. After being pregnant and nursing for the past seven years straight, I had managed to get so close to my ideal body and energy level, but just couldn’t seem to get through that last, final push. It is common knowledge that the closer we get, the harder it becomes; and that was definitely the case for me. I am in so much appreciation for the innovative weight release system that Sinclair and Michael have created and for how attainable my ideal body finally feels and is. You have nothing to lose (except any weight your body will truly benefit from releasing!) and everything to gain."

Coaching Testimonial

Darcy Sauers

"It's like I've taken my health, mind and body to a whole new level of feeling fantastic and being in tune with what my body, and more importantly, my brain needs to function optimally.

This course has improved every aspect of my life. I'm just generally in a better mood. My mind is clearer, which makes running my business and my home much easier and more enjoyable. I just feel younger, like layers of fuzziness have been removed from my brain and body. Everything is clearer. Because I'm feeling and looking younger, I'm even noticing that it's easier to be more visible in my business. I'm doing more Facebook & Instagram lives, I'm networking more, etc.

This has absolutely blown my mind! You guys did an amazing job and your depth of knowledge on this subject is so impressive. Thank you so much!!"

Coaching testimonial

Shivan Sarna

"When you find healers who know exactly what to do and sincerely “get it” there is a wave of relief that runs through your being. That is how I felt the first time I met Sinclair and Michael. They have not disappointed. They have exceeded my high expectations consistently.  What a blessing to have finally found them!"

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