Stop settling for feeling less than feeling fully alive.

Are you one of the six out of ten Americans with a chronic condition? Most of us are walking around in various stages of illness, feeling only half alive. We've forgotten what it feels like to feel well, sleep deeply, have full access to our intelligence, and feel emotionally resilient. Can you remember that calm, centered feeling of being at home in your body, when well-being was your default state? Or is it a distant memory?

Chronic health issues can develop slowly.

We respond to stress in our formative years, and store it in our bodies. Thanks to commercial farming and food production, we've eaten less than nourishing food for decades. Along the way, we were subject to a silent toxic onslaught - in our food, air, water, bedding, clothing, homes, medicines, and personal care. According to the EPA, over 250 lbs of chemicals are imported into the US per person, per DAY (that doesn't include fuel or pesticides). Where is all of that going? Some of it is ending up in our bodies, and it doesn't take much to mess with us for the long term. We just weren't built to deal with this.

It's not your fault that your body's natural healing processes have been disrupted, but it is your job to fix it.

Exercise and diet just aren't enough to keep us healthy anymore. You have to understand how to detox. In fact, until you do, you can't really see what's going on with your body underneath that toxic load.

Your body is brilliant.

It's true. Your body is BRILLIANT and holds the secret keys to its own recovery. But when it cannot unlock the solutions all on its own, it's time to get support. Within a few days, you could be feeling noticeable relief. Within a couple of weeks, you could be seeing visible, tangible signs of improvements. And within a few months, you'll be surprised when we remind you where you started, because you feel so good now. But you have to know where the keys are, how they work, and be ready to use them.

Read our bio here or learn more about our detox journey here. We live the detox lifestyle, and only recommend protocols and products that we've personally researched, vetted, and tested. Our criteria for any detox tool: it's gotta be based on up-to-date science that reflects the complex world we live in today, it has to work, it has to be safe for you and the planet, and it has to be doable.

We design individual protocols for people who are ready to heal.

Here are the top reasons why people come to us for individualized support:

You may have tried ALL the things. In one way or another, you feel like your body is failing you. That it's just not as forgiving or resilient as everyone else's seems to be.

Most of our clients have seen many, many other practitioners of all stripes, tried many programs, even received conflicting diagnoses. Whether you've been on this road for a while or you're just getting started, you're welcome to reach out.

Digestive Disorders - Are you stuck on the wheel of digestion roulette? Never knowing how a food will make you feel, or worse, knowing that your gut will tolerate almost nothing and you have to be hyper vigilant just to maintain stasis? Travel, eating out, stress, and any other routine changes are a minefield for your gut.

We are intimately familiar with what it takes to support a digestive system in a wide range of severe distress conditions, and how to individualize natural support tools for you to lead a normal life again.

Gallstones - Do you know or suspect that you have liver distress and gallstones? We specialize in supporting you to pass your stones naturally over time. If you have already had your gallbladder removed and are still experiencing symptoms, your liver may need support.

Parasites - Do you have parasites, or suspect that you do? You're not alone. It takes nuanced skill and strategy to support your body to successfully rebalance your microbiome, and empower your immune system to handle unwanted critters for good.

Lyme and Serious Chronic Illness - Do you have a diagnosis that you're already working with, and you're looking for holistic support? Or you may feel chronically ill, but your symptoms continue to elude diagnosis. Either way, you're sick of feeling sick. You're ready to take your health into your own hands and do the work of getting well. We get it. We've been there ourselves, and we help people climb out of this every day.

Brain Fog, Anxiety and Depression - You may not even remember what you were like without these conditions stealing your life force, interrupting your day, and sucking up your precious energy. You may even hide it well, but these limitations color every aspect of your life. Even if you outperform others, you grieve for who you could be if only you weren't dealing with this experience.

Mysterious or Frustrating Allergies - Gluten, dairy, nuts, pollen... if you're on the allergy train, we don't need to explain to you how irritating, exhausting, and complicated this is. You're ready to get off at the next station.

Persistent Skin Issues - Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, slow healing, hyperpigmentation, or rashes/itching/burning/bumps that defy diagnosis. Some tools may work for a while to suppress the issue, but "it" always comes back. It's time to address the root causes so you can be free to live your life again.

Insomnia - You've tried everything, and can't even remember what it feels like to not wake up tired. You may wear it like a badge of honor, but you're sick of running on empty.

Stubborn Weight - Puffiness, cellulite, heaviness. No matter what strict diets you try, you yo-yo back to just as heavy as when you started. Or heavier. You watch others do less to maintain their weight, and wonder why your body is so unforgiving.

ADD/ADHD - Anyone who's lived with this diagnosis knows that it comes hand in hand with forms of the anxiety and depression listed above. People have no idea what you're really going through.

Exhaustion - Bone deep, soul deep weariness. "Tired" is almost an insulting word for the way that you feel, and no pick me up or pill will fix it.

Toxin Exposure - You may already be aware that you've been exposed to harmful toxins such as mold, heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, etc. You may already experience distracting and painful chemical sensitivity, or just know that you need to find a way to get the toxins out safely before more problems develop.

Real healing takes work.

Healing is the very definition of inner repair, waking back up to who you truly are, and reclaiming life again. It's. So. Worth it.

What does this work look like?

We listen deeply to your experience, and tailor each session to your body's signals and needs. We do process work. We laugh in every session. We train you on the science of what your body is saying, how it works, and what it needs to heal and thrive. We give lots of homework. And we expect you to do it.

What's next?
We sit down for a chat. If we're a good fit and you're ready, both sides will know it.

We'll be listening for your desire to heal, your ability to follow through on the protocols that we design for you, and your readiness to do the work.

Contact us to request a toxicity assessment call.

What our clients are saying:

"I’ve personally worked with Michael and Sinclair to bring my very own health back to life. After suffering an unfortunate hormone replacement therapy overdose that left me feeling wrecked with severe chronic fatigue, gut pain and bloating that was so unbearable it was nearly career-ending because I could not focus or work or dedicate even an ounce of energy to anyone else—let alone my online business and practice. I spent a significant amount of money bouncing from physician to physician to get well with nothing to show for it. No one knew what to do with me and it was defeating. Luckily I’m part of a health-focused mastermind group that connected me to Sinclair. It took one morning in casual conversation with her to realize Detox Rejuvenation’s approach to gut health, detox and healing the body was beyond what everyone else was doing. They are very specialized and hands on with their clients. The next time we were together I was practically begging them to take me on—and I’m a gut health and weight loss expert! I’ve had bigger and better results (worth writing home about!) working with them than with any other protocol, and in such a short amount of time. Within weeks I was starting to feel like an actual human being again. This is everything. I’ve completely revamped how I’m treating my own patients thanks to Sinclair and Michael's guidance. This has been a win-win for everyone. My husband is beyond excited to have his wife back. I feel truly blessed that our paths crossed and that Michael and Sinclair have been able to help me heal what was keeping me down for the past two years."
-Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS (Millennial Fat Loss & Gut Health Expert)
"When you find healers who know exactly what to do and sincerely “get it” there is a wave of relief that runs through your being. That is how I felt the first time I meant Sinclair and Michael. They have not disappointed. They have exceeded my high expectations consistently.  What a blessing to have finally found them!"
- Shivan Sarna, TV host, author of Healing SIBO, creator behind the docuseries Digestion SOS: Rescue and Relief for IBS, SIBO, and Leaky Gut

"Michael and Sinclair have been incredible partners throughout our detox journey, teaching us, answering our hundreds of questions, and helping us understand how to navigate our new day-to-day. I can’t stress enough how patient and knowledgeable they are. I have literally never asked a question that they don’t know the answer to. Having them to lean on was, and continues to be, absolutely invaluable.


I quickly learned that most of what I thought I knew about “being healthy” was very misguided. One of the most jarring realizations was that I had a severe parasite problem which was contributing to my gut issues and also causing a lot of other minor issues that I had never even considered (knee and joint pain, weight gain, inability to quickly build or maintain muscle, trouble falling asleep, frequent stuffy nose, food allergies etc.)

Looking back at the past year and realizing how much I have transformed both mentally and physically is really incredible. What is interesting is that I didn’t actually know how good I could feel. I had learned to live with the aches, pains, and food allergies, chalking them up to “I guess that’s just how I’m built” or “I guess this is what happens when you turn 30.”

Since starting my detox journey I’ve lost close to 30 pounds, put on more muscle, and have eradicated all of my gut issues. I also have more energy, I fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply (without the aid of marijuana). I feel great after I eat and I have so much more mental clarity. What’s crazy is how addictive it is. Once I started to clear up my parasite issues I feel like I turned a corner and made it my mission to fully commit to the program. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been 100% worth it. If there is one investment you make for yourself this year, choose detox. You definitely won’t regret it."

- Ben Thiefels, web strategist


"Sinclair and Michael's coaching has improved every aspect of my life. My persistent histamine and gut sensitivities have resolved, my skin has calmed down, and I understand how to eat for energy and resilience. I'm in a better mood and my mind is clearer, which makes running my business and my home much more enjoyable. I just feel younger, like layers of fuzziness have been removed from my brain and body. Everything is easier. Because I'm feeling and looking younger, I'm even noticing that it's easier to be more visible in my business. This has absolutely blown my mind!"
 - Darcy Sauers
founder of Doula Academy, educator, and activist
"It’s been a dozen years since I started on a path of understanding my health in all ways. Most recently I experienced a new level of resources and health through coaching with Sinclair and Michael. They gave me a system that I was excited to commit to and constant research on the best products, protocols and ways to advance my health. 
I now have another level of physical energy, mental clarity and even weight loss in that I’m not puffy any more, which I wasn't expecting. AND, I look even younger which I’ll take.
This work is essential for anyone who has responsibilities in their life and must show up every day in the best way possible in their health and wellness. I’m beyond grateful with full trust in both of them!"
- Kisma Orbovich
founder of Illumination Academy

"What I love about Michael and Sinclair's approach is that it’s not just about weight. It’s about getting to the problem of what’s truly going on your body at the core micro level and resetting your ability to rid your body of things that are not supposed to be there..including excess weight! Michael and Sinclair are amazing and really really know what they are doing!"
- Alisa Owens
CEO Impacting Millions

It's important to note:

We are not doctors, and we're not asking or telling you to give up working with yours. As natural health practitioners, we don't diagnose, and we work with the person, not the diagnosis. But we are able to report that we see consistent, lasting, measurable, profound changes in the folks who work with us. Doctors don't have the entire toolkit, most of them are not aware of the latest toxicology studies, and pharmaceuticals are not designed to roll back the damage. In fact, drugs can be a major part of the damage. Doctors are also prohibited in many cases from telling you what we can share with you, even if they know it to be true, or they risk losing their license. In our experience, it's not useful to attack the symptoms and try to suppress them through the allopathic model. Healing is best done using the body's own strategies, and our job is to support you in gently removing the factors that have stopped your body from healing itself.

If you're ready to heal and would like guided support, contact our team for a conversation. We're rooting for you!