Detox RejuveNation

Regenerative Supply Kit with Kate Northrup


This is an exclusive collaboration between Detox RejuveNation and the Origin Company. 

Each element was thoughtfully selected by Sinclair Kennally to complement Kate Northrup's program Regenerative Business.

These supplements support reclaiming energy and clarity by replacing elements missing in our modern world. 

Energy - supports mitochondrial function for an increase in mental and physical energy

CT-Minerals - replenishes bio-available minerals missing in our food

Bitter X - aids digestion and healthy bile flow

H2 Elite - lowers oxidative stress and repairs damage from EMFs

MAP Aminos - essential amino acids for physical repair and increased mental function, fully absorbed in 23 minutes

Watch Sinclair's presentation in Regenerative Business for more insights. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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