Mantras For Deep Healing

Looking for a little support on your healing journey? These statements can help you settle into your body, and approach the healing process in a gentle way. 

Mantras for deep healing

The science is in, and the woowoo folks have been vindicated. You are indeed a being of light, emitting frequencies and rays at the DNA and cellular levels. Even more to the point, your body is receptive to the messages you tell it. So if you’re on a healing journey and have an inner woowoo flag, now is the time to fly it! 

I wrote these statements in a specific order just for you, to meet you wherever you’re starting and guide you to feeling better and better in your own body. 

Your body is not just a temporary container for your eternal essence - it’s the home of your internal guidance system while you’re here on planet Earth. 

We know first hand - it can be difficult to hear that internal guidance without distortion when you’re not feeling well. The more choices you make to support your health, the easier it gets to access that inner knowing again. 

Our layers of consciousness are deeply interconnected - when you’re working with the right layer of consciousness, the energy always moves, and healing takes place. 

How to use these mantras:

Check for resonance with each statement - if you feel a positive response inside, that’s a good one to keep returning to. If you feel resistance to one of these statements, that’s great! Repeat the statement as you tap, following this simple sequence.

Return to this page often for a daily shot of inspo, or a tune up whenever you need it.  

  • My body has countless self-balancing mechanisms, there’s so much happening under the surface that I don’t even know about. 
  • My body does so many things for me without me managing it - lungs breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, nutrients circulating. My body does that for me. It’s really quite brilliant. 
  • My body is on my side, and it wants to feel good. 
  • Little steps add up to big health improvements. I can start with small choices, and get more and more momentum towards everything I desire for my body. 
  • My body knows how to heal itself, and is constantly refreshing and repairing itself, 24 hours a day. It is miraculous. The healing never stops. 
  • The earth is here to support me. Nature supports me. So many foods and herbs have gifts that can help me - Nature is truly miraculous. I now know that I am a part of Nature. I’m realizing that I am a part of this miraculous, self healing and self balancing system. 
  • My body loves sunshine, clean air, clean water, and clean food. It knows exactly what to do with these natural resources. 
  • My body responds quickly to the right nourishment. 
  • My body’s natural state of being is a state of flow. 
  • There are many people who have experienced what I am feeling in my body now, that have gone on to experience miracles with their health. It can be done. 
  • My body never forgets how to heal itself, and as I listen to it and explore how to support this healing process, healing is inevitable. 
  • There are more healing tools and resources available to me now than at any other time in history. Many guides are available to support me along the way. 
  • I am ready to be ready to heal. I am ready to be ready to feel strong in my body. I am ready to experience more joy in my body than ever before. 
  • My body is ready to release what no longer serves me. The more I support this process, the faster I heal. 
  • I am so grateful for my body’s messages. When I check in with my body, I discover new wisdom each time. 
  • My body is naturally self balancing. It never stops rooting for me, and reaching for stronger health. 
  • My body loves to rest, loves to feel energized, and loves to feel strong. 
  • I love to feel strong and at home and at ease in my body. There is nothing like this special feeling.
  • It is safe for me to heal, and to feel stronger than ever before. I am surrounded by the loving support of Nature and all of its nourishing, healing resources. 
  • Every cell in my body is welcome. Every cell in my body heals itself. 
  • My body is truly miraculous. When I think about everything it does for me, I am in awe. 
  • My body is magnificent  - it is my home in every way.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this miracle of life. Thank you for this body. I am so blessed. 
Return to this as often as you need to, and remember - Your body is always listening, and small steps lead to big results. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration.
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