Episode 32: [Interview] Unleashing the Hidden Power Within - Exploring the Vagus Nerve for Rapid Results with Dr. Navaz Habib

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In this very insightful episode, Sinclair Kennally welcomes Dr. Navaz Habib to the show to discuss one of the most incredible pieces of our nervous system the Vagus nerve.

From overcoming his health challenges in his 20s by understanding how everything in the body is connected. He realized that the vagus nerve plays an important role in this connection and that it was different than any other nerve in the body.

Important to listen for in this episode is how you can regulate and direct when and how you get yourself into a parasympathetic state to manage your emotions, and your ability to perform at the most optimal level every day. You will be surprised to know it's not as hard as you think. Dr. Habib shows you how to engage your Vagus nerve in multiple different ways to do just this so that you can achieve homeostasis and balance.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How the vagus nerve can be upgraded by stimulating the areas it innervates, such as the ear, back of the throat, and vocal cords.
  • Why heart rate variability is the best marker for detecting Vagus nerve dysfunction, and why it is an actual measurement of the number of milliseconds between heartbeats.
  • How Vagus nerve signalling can help eliminate inflammation in the brain, which is crucial for reducing conditions like brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, and cluster headaches.


  • [0:00:01] Heading: Unpacking the Root Causes of Health Issues with Dr. Navaz Habib
  • [0:04:47] Exploring the Vagus Nerve: A Journey into your Autonomic Nervous System
  • [0:14:08] Diaphragmatic Breathing: The Key to Activating the Vagus Nerve and Reducing Stress
  • [0:20:26] Vagus Nerve Dysfunction: Exploring the Root Causes and Treatments
  • [0:30:30] HRV Hack: Managing Stress and Increasing Parasympathetic State Through Breathwork
  • [0:32:04] Exploring Diaphragmatic Breathing and Vagus Nerve Stimulation Techniques


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