Episode 69: [Interview] The Anti-Cancer Movement and Pediatric Cancer with Ryan Sternagle

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Childhood cancer rates are increasing at an alarming rate, and this is a cause for concern in today's world. Addressing the root causes behind this troubling trend and creating a healthier environment to prevent and minimize the occurrence of pediatric cancer are urgently needed.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Sternagle, the host of the Anti-Cancer Revolution podcast. Ryan shares his remarkable journey and how his family became a litmus test for the health challenges faced by many today. From early pediatric issues with cancer to subsequent health concerns, Ryan's story is both inspiring and eye-opening, and a testament to the power of addressing root causes.

During our conversation, we dive into the topic of energy medicine and frequency healing. Ryan shares his favorite tools in the natural health category and how they have played a crucial role in his family's healing journey. We explore the intersection of energy medicine and rapid results, discussing practicality, commitment, and the incredible potential for transformation.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of healing from a chronic condition, this episode will give you hope and practical strategies to implement in your own life. Ryan's message of hope and his belief in the power of energy medicine is truly inspiring.

We invite you to tune in to this episode and discover the power of energy medicine for yourself. If you're looking for inspiration and hope in healing from chronic conditions, this episode is a must-listen. You’ll gain valuable insights from Ryan's experiences. It's a reminder that by addressing root causes and taking personal responsibility, we can achieve rapid results in our pursuit of optimal health.

  • Ryan Sternagle and his family are strong believers in energy medicine and frequency healing. He discusses the power of energy medicine and its ability to complement traditional approaches to health and well-being. It's fascinating to explore this separate category of healing and its potential impact on our overall wellness.
  • While acknowledging the role of environmental toxicants and corporations in our health concerns, Ryan emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility. We cannot solely blame external factors; we must also take charge of our own well-being. This realization is a powerful motivator for change and empowers us to make conscious choices that support our health.
  • Ryan's wife, Teddy, played a pivotal role in their family's health journey. Her strong intuition guided them through difficult decisions and ultimately helped them find the right path. This serves as a reminder to all practitioners to listen to and trust the intuition of their patients and clients. Sometimes, a mother's instinct can provide invaluable insights into a child's well-being.

  • [00:00:57] Rising childhood cancer rates.
  • [00:04:48] Toxicity in our environment.
  • [00:07:38] Health crisis and turning mess into message.
  • [00:11:10] Modern root causes of cancer.
  • [00:13:21] Different types of toxicity and poor environmental health.
  • [00:14:22] Chemicals, EMFs, and cell damage.
  • [00:16:23] Living right by yourself.
  • [00:21:26] Intersection of health and personal responsibility.
  • [00:25:11] Willingness to go the extra mile.
  • [00:26:23] Energy medicine and healers.
  • [00:29:00] Holistic options for children.
  • [00:34:21] Trust your intuition in healing.

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