Fructo Borate Complex


The Fructo Borate Complex is a new form of boron based on the organic mineral structure found in whole foods.

Exceptionally bio-available, Fructo Borate is highly effective for joint and bone health. This organic form of boron is able to cross the gastrointestinal barrier into the systemic circulation intact with its carbohydrate linkage.

As a master mineral, boron is responsible for the support of many metabolic pathways: the osteo-skeletal system, endocrine system, and immune system. Boron supplementation is important due to faulty farming practices that have depleted boron from the soil.

The Fructo Borate is Vegan, Kosher, Non GMO, and Gluten Free.


Suggested Use:

FRUCTO BORATE — The Fructo Borate is designed to reduce osteoarthritis’ joint pain and swelling, and increase joint mobility.*

Anti-inflammation and reduction of joint pain: Clinical trials suggest 1-2 capsules twice a day.*

Bone health: Fructo Borate helps to re-mineralize and strengthen bones, increases absorption of vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium. Take 1-2 caps a day.*

Heart health: Boron is shown to lower C-reactive proteins (marker for cardiovascular disease). Take 1-2 caps a day.*

Lung & immune support: Take 1-2 caps a day as anti-inflammatory for lung congestion (can take up to 6 a day for 2 days, reduce to 2-4 caps a day). Take 1-2 caps at the onset of a cold or flu.*

Our favorite: The master mineral, boron, in the Fructo Borate is in command of so many functions in the body. We add it to many of our protocols to enhance healing. Since Frcuto Borate mimics the boron in foods, it is exceptionally available.*

More Info:

This new form of boron supplementation is the exact molecular structure of dietary boron found in fruits, vegetables and nuts. US Patent #US 5962049 A. Fructo Borate 240 mg with calcium ascorbate 260 mg provides 6 mg of elemental boron. No excipients. 60 capsules per bottle. 500 mg per vegetarian capsule.

  • Patented Technology creates a highly effective Fructo Borate molecule.
  • 240mg fructoborate and 260mg calcium ascorbate per vegetarian capsule.
  • Each capsule supplies 6mg of elemental boron.
  • New form of boron supplementation: US patented carbohydrate bound boron.
  • Exact duplicate of dietary boron found in fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Association Constant high: Receptor sites receive entire molecule.
  • Osteoporosis: Reduces excretion of Mg and Ca, re-mineralizes bone.
  • Use therapeutically against osteoarthritis: Reduces pain and swelling and increases mobility.
  • Down-regulates immune system: Reduces over-reactive neutrophil levels.
  • Anti-oxidant: Increases SOD and Catalase production.
  • Anti-aging: Increases Vitamin D and Steroid hormone levels in the blood.
  • Anti-cancer: Reduces PSA marker for prostate cancer.
  • Clinical trial: 1 to 2 capsules BID to reduce pain and regenerate bone; 1 capsule daily for maintenance. Observed results period is from 2-8 weeks.
  • No filler, flowing agents or excipients of any kind.


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