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Spectrophotometry is our tool of choice for measuring heavy metal body burden, mineral deficiencies and ratios, and gauging your body's current ability to excrete toxins.

Commercial food production and processing has depleted our diet of necessary minerals, and exposed us to toxic heavy metals.

When the body is deficient in core minerals, it begins to use heavy metals for key cellular functions instead. This is extremely problematic in the long term, with cascading health effects. That's why it is crucial to understand your mineral levels and how far they have diverged from ideal ratios, in conjunction with your heavy metal exposure and current body burden.

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Spectrophotrometry picks up detail where basic urine and blood analysis fall short.

An example scan of someone who showed "low" heavy metal levels from a classic urine challenge test reveals a much more complex picture:
And a closer look at this client's mineral levels reveals the complex stress behind key symptoms, as well developing concerns for certain vital organs:

The more you understand what's under the surface, the easier it is to support your body in reclaiming radiant health.

Our Technology

The OligoScan is French technology that utilizes spectrophotometry to obtain results on the amount of trace elements and heavy metals exist within tissue, calibrated specifically for a specific area of the body. There are only few of these units currently in the United States.

This is a quantitative analytical methodology, which consists in measuring the absorbance level or the optical density of a specific chemical or mineral substance.

The basic principle is that every type of compound, regardless if it is chemical or mineral based, absorbs, emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) over a certain specific range of wavelengths.

The more the sample is concentrated, the more it absorbs the light within the limits of proportionality expressed in the law Beer-Lambert.

The spectrophotometry is used in many domains: chemistry, pharmacy, environment, food-processing industry, biology, medical /clinical, material/chemical engineering and clinical applications and many others.

In the clinical applications, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissues for clinical diagnosis.

Scientific Studies

The negative impact of heavy metals on the human and animal organism is demonstrated by numerous studies published by research institutes, WHO, FAO and other organizations.

The massive exposure to these toxic agents becomes a real public danger. Transported by the pollution of the air, the earth and water (ground waters and sea water), heavy metals pollute the human body either directly by contact or indirectly through the food chain.

Some of these substances are also in products, which are in touch with the body. The institutions for sanitary issues consider that there are almost no more places in the world which are not concerned by this problem.

The elimination of these toxic metals out of the human body by appropriate chelating agents becomes a major challenge for health.

Furthermore, scientific studies alert us on another plan. They point out the dramatic depletion of nutrients in food, accompanied with an increase of food additives which cause various problems in the body.

An individualized supplementation favors the optimized functioning of the body and represents, in this context of decrease of nutritional density and quality of food, a main advantage to stay healthy.

Concerning the measuring method of OligoScan, the spectrophotometry is used in numerous scientific and industrial processes.

Comparative studies of the OligoScan test results with traditional biological analysis show a correlation in the expected standards.

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