Blueberry Extract


The Brain is the center of our personal universe, controlling and effecting many systems in the body, including motor functions (balance, strength or frailty), immunity, and of course, how we think. Foggy brain, memory lapses, and cognitive decline are effecting the old and young populations alike.

Scientists describe blueberries’ polyphenols as essential agents of neuro-regeneration and repair. Research studies show that a daily intake of at least 1 cup of blueberries offer important regenerative support for a healthy brain.*

The Blueberry Extract is potent: It takes 80 pounds of blueberries to get one pound of the pure purple extract. One capsule of the polyphenolic extract is equivalent to a cup and a quarter of whole blueberries!*

Our Blueberry Extract stands alone. 100% North American blueberry extract (Vaccinium corymbosum) provides a daily comprehensive profile of polyphenols to feed your brain.*

The Blueberry Extract is Pure, Vegan, Kosher, and Non GMO.

BLUEBERRY EXTRACT — Designed to support the regeneration of the brain and nervous system

Brain health: Take 1 capsule a day for regeneration of brain and nerve cells.*

Cognitive and memory: Take 1 capsule a day. Add 1 cap High ORAC.  Students: Take 1-2 caps of both the Blueberry Extract and the High ORAC a day.*

Foggy brain: Take 2 capsules for a month then 1 cap a day as maintenance.*

Neural regeneration: Take 1-2 capsules a day. Add Phyto Power and/or No 7 for broad-spectrum phenolic support.*

Anti-inflammation: Due to the high concentration of anthocyanins (80 pounds produce 1 pound of the extract), the Blueberry Extract is excellent as anti-inflammatory agent. Reduces C-reactive protein (inflammatory marker), Isoprostane (marker for lipid oxidation), and NF-Kß (global inflammatory marker) for brain, heart, and DNA health.* 

Our Favorite: When the president of BioImmersion, Dr. Dohrea Bardell, went through her PhD program, for six years she took 2 capsules of the Blueberry Extract every day to keep her brain active and agile. She worked 12 hour days researching and writing. When she presented papers at conventions, she often added the Phyto Power for extra boost. The Blueberry Extract is one of her most favorite products.*

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