Conscious Breathing



There is currently a 3-4 week delivery time for all BodyStream orders.

The BodyStream is a system designed to help bathe the entire body (up to the neck) in carbon dioxide gas. Once you’re in the BodyStream suit, at first all the air is vaccum pumped out and then the suit is filled up with 100% carbon dioxide. The CO2 is then absorbed through your skin, which will open up your blood vessels.

Many people report feeling very relaxed and will even fall asleep while using the BodyStream. A parasympathetic deluxe experience.

The BodyStream improves overall cellular health on all levels so it may be used to improve health and outcome in a wide variety of health conditions. It may be used for skin wound healing or it may be the soft tissue, or even the joint.

Carbon dioxide baths have been known to reduce body pain, increase metabolic rate and fat burning, increase in energy and for firming, softer and more youthful looking skin. Even if you have no health issues currently you can use it to take your health to the next level, have more energy, recover from fatigue faster and increase your overall vitality.

Exposing the body to carbon dioxide, increases oxygen delivery to
muscles, organs, brain, and more; it dilates arteries to increase blood flow, helps dissolve more fat, and is a powerful treatment for dozens of

Sizing Considerations

If you are having multiple people use the BodyStream such as in your family or clinic/practice it’s best to use a large or purchase both medium and large. A small person can fit into the large suit, but it will just use up more CO2 in the session. It’s better to be too large than too small. However if you are the only person use the suit, go with the size closer to your body size as you will be able to be more mobile and it will use up less CO2. The differences in CO2 utilization between the two size suits are very significant. 

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