Organic Castor Oil Roll-On



100% Organic Cold-Pressed, Cold-Processed Castor Oil. Hexane free.


• Protects and Repairs Skin
• Softens and Moisturizes
• Massage into Sore, Stiff Muscles & Joints 
• For Younger-Looking, Radiant Skin

Excellent for joint and muscle massage. 

Our Organic Castor Oil is now available in a convenient roll-on applicator. Just roll it on and rub it in!  Use it as part of your beauty routine or for general skin care and massage. Palma Christos is the premier Organic  Castor Oil. It penetrates deeply to heal, moisturize and nourish.

Castor Oil has been used throughout the ages for its therapeutic properties. Today, it is used as an emollient and  skin softener, for application with Castor Oil packs, and as a massage oil for muscles and joints.
Baar Products' organic Castor Oil is trademarked as Palma Christos. It is organic, cold-pressed and cold-processed  Castor Oil. Palma Christos™ has all of the benefits of our Palma Christi Castor Oil with the added bonus of being  organic.

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