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Electron Charging Machine


In addition to light and warmth, the sun also supplies a steady stream of electrons to the Earth which is then transferred to the planet surface via lightning.  These electrons are also what gives us the northern lights.  Animals absorb these electrons through their skin touching the ground, eating raw food and breathing in electron rich clean air.  We humans rarely make direct contact with the earth, cook most of our food and breathe in polluted electron-deficient air and as a result, we are electron deficient and our physical, mental and emotional health are not at their optimum. 

Last century our atmosphere had a 20% negative charge (extra electrons).  Now pollution has have given the atmosphere a 20% positive charge (missing electrons).  As a result, with every breath, instead of our lungs absorbing life giving electrons, they lose them.  To bring electrons back into your lungs, our Electron Charging Device has a special attachment with an electron reaction chamber inside.  Simply attach it to the device and breath in through it.  As the air passes through the reaction chamber, it is filled with life giving electrons for you to breath in.

All cells, animal and plant have electrons in them, held in place by their cellular membranes.  When we cook food, we break down these membranes making the food more absorbable, but this also causes all the electrons to be lost.  Eating cooked food actually pulls electrons out of our digestive tracts, rather than putting them in.  To address this issue, we’ve come up with a way to put electrons back into your diet without having to eat only raw foods. After purchasing your electron charging machine, contact us for instructions.

Electrons are used in every biological reaction, from the electron transport chain to the Krebs cycle.  Take antioxidants for example.  Antioxidants are designed to be reactivated by electrons so they can continue working. Without enough electrons, antioxidants are of little benefit, but with enough electrons, they are capable of billions of health promoting reactions per second in the body.

The Crystal Catastrophe

Crystals, beautiful in nature, terrible in the body.  Oxalates and uric acid in our diets along with what we make internally and as a result of fungal infections increases our body’s crystal burden.  The body has a limited capacity to remove crystallizations which lessens with age.  The first signs can be joint and muscle pains that come and go, some may have vulvular pain or mild burning during the occasional urination.  Finally, the often excruciatingly painful, kidney stones.  All adhesion is electric and crystal formation is no exception.  By adding electrons into the body we may be able to support the de-crystallizing process at an accelerated pace.  With diet alone, it can take years to remove crystals from the body.  If you suspect a high crystal load in your body, limit high oxalate and uric acid foods, stay hydrated and consider potassium citrate 3x a day in water.

Electron Charging vs Grounding

When we walk barefoot on the ground, we absorb electrons from the earth’s surface through our feet.   It is like a trickle charger for our bodies.  A trickle charger is all you need for healthy charged batteries, but once batteries crystallize, a trickle charger cannot revive them.  Voltage spikes are needed.  Once your cellular batteries and capacitors have recovered, then grounding will work the way nature intended.  This process can take 2 to 12 weeks depending on your health.

Charging the Human Battery

Lead acid batteries kept at low charge levels develop lead sulfate crystals.  These crystals keep the battery from accepting a full charge and eventually destroy it.  Soft sulfate crystals can be dissolved with overcharging and hard sulfate crystals. with voltage spikes.  The same is true for our human cell batteries.  If our charge is kept low for too long, we can accumulate crystals.  ‘Overcharging’ and ‘voltage spikes’ may be able to break up biological crystals as well.

Natural EMF Resistance

Once properly charged, the body will have a ‘field’ of electrons on the skin surface. Compton scattering is the physics principle that states that free electrons can deflect radiation.

Suggested Use

The electron charger should only be operated between the Blue and Green ranges, 2-10 minutes a session 1-2 sessions a day. The pulse feature should only be used in the Blue range. The higher power levels of Yellow and Red are for experimental purposes only and may cause side effects or injury. For more information on use outside of our recommendations, contact us directly.

Contraindicated for medical implants, stents, kidney disease, pregnancy or history of stroke.  May interfere with electronics on same outlet.

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