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IMD Intestinal Cleanse Supplement


Each scoop delivers 100 mg of IMD. A serving is 1-2 scoops. 

IMD® (Intestinal Metals Detox) Intestinal Cleanse is the product that launched Quicksilver Scientific. Offering advanced detoxification support, IMD can attach to methylmercury and other metals and escort them safely out of the body via the intestines. Thus it spares the bloodstream and the vulnerable kidneys, as well as the liver.*

IMD® is a proprietary, highly purified silica with covalently attached thiolic (sulfur) metal-binding groups. IMD® helps to bind metals in the intestines. IMD® does not enter the bloodstream, and thus will not lead to surges of mobilized metals that can potentially burden the kidney and liver. By escorting metals safely out through the intestines, organ and tissue-bound metals can naturally drain into the blood at a slow, steady rate. It may then be safely eliminated via the liver and kidneys.*

Elimination of metals supports intestinal health. This helps fully support detoxification pathways.* Both the silica base and the binding agents in IMD are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for use in food.

Suggested Use

Directions: Add 1-2 scoops IMD to a soluble Vitamin C solution or Phospholipid suspension or add to food 2-3 times per day as directed by a health care practitioner. For liquids, stir to create a suspension and drink quickly before IMD settles, preferably on an empty stomach; take with small amount of food if any stomach upset occurs

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