Physicians' Standard



OxyCare Suggested Use

For the first day, use 5 drops in liquid in AM and PM. Thereafter increase to 10 drops, 3 times a day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Complete Cellular Support*

For your patients who are looking to achieve total body health, you may want to suggest an oxygen uptake supplement like OxyCare.

Physicians’ Standard OxyCare harnesses a specialized technology to facilitate the transport of oxygen, hydrogen, and other essential nutrients into the cells. Our formula also promotes the removal of waste and toxins out of cells.*

Physicians’ Standard OxyCare promotes total body health by:

  • Supporting immune function*
  • Supporting energy and vitality*
  • Helping clean away toxins*
  • Helping optimize the body’s pH*
  • Promoting cell hydration and oxygenation*
  • Promoting bioavailability of nutrients*

Our proprietary blend of 85 super-absorbent trace minerals, fulvic acid, 18 amino acids and 28 enzymes, is formulated from the purest, natural organic sources, including: organic sea vegetation, crystal clean Antarctic seas, fossilized plants, mineral springs, and virgin earth.

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