Dr. Tom Cowan

Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture



Organic, ecodynamic or wild harvested polyrhachis ants, tinctured with organic cane and/or honey spirits and spagyric salt.

Size:  10 ml | approx. 200 drops*

This Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture is made from Polyrhachis Ants (Polyrhachis lamellidens), also known as Changbai Mountain Ants, which have a very high paramagnetic level and are an excellent source of bioavailable zinc. The tincture has historically been used for detoxification, and to promote strength and vigor. Developed by a master alchemist in small batches and bottled in Miron violet glass for increased preservation and vitality, this spagyric tincture is made with Organic, Ecodynamic, or Wildharvested Biomass and Tinctured with Organic Cane and/or Honey Spirits. Once the tincture is made, Spagyric Salt of the Vegetable Kingdom is added and digested until reactions have stopped.

Historically, Polyrhachis Ants (Hei Ma Yi) have been used to help restore sense of smell and taste, for their immense amount of bioavailable zinc to which no other food compares, to promote strength and sexual vigor, for their powerful tonic effects, as an adaptogenic substance, for detoxifying functions of the liver, to strengthen the nervous system, for digestive functions, detoxification functions, to support the muscular system, and regulate Yin and Yang throughout the body.

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