PurO3 Ozonated Oil Suppositories


PurO3 ozonated oil suppositories are made from organic, all natural oils and ozone. Comes in bags of 30 in your choice of oils: Hemp or Olive/Castor

Each PurO3 ozone suppository is 2.6 mL. They include fully ozonated oils created using a cold plasma ozone generator with medical oxygen. The benefit of using cold plasma (low frequency) ozone when producing ozonated oil is that no heat enters the oil. Traditional ozone generators (high frequency) produce heat upwards of 250 degrees which enters the oil and can cause it to lose some of its beneficial properties.

Which one is right for me?  

Different oils hold different amounts of ozone. This is determined using the potential ozonide intensity factor. This is measured by looking at the omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids that the particular oil holds. Oils with higher omega 9 fatty acids hold more ozone.

  • Hemp has the highest amount of ozone.
  • Olive/Castor holds less ozone than olive and is ideal for those who want to add the potential benefits of castor oil to their routine.

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