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Tessamet: Histamine and Mast Cell Detox



Rosmarinic acid, EGCG, quercetin, DAO (diamine oxidase-porcine origin), sunflower lecithin, MCT, phosphatidyl choline, ethanol, glycerine, plant cellulose, candellia wax and purified water.

Liposomal. Primitive humans had a lot of helminths (worms) to contend with.  Too large to be attacked by the immune system, the body had to remove them mechanically.   Mast cells release histamine which causes itching to make us scratch them off, coughing to get them dislodged from our respiratory tracts, a runny nose and sneezing to get them out of our sinuses and diarrhea to get them out of our intestines.  With allergies, the body mistakes harmless allergens for parasites and tries to remove them.  This response causes us symptoms.

Support the body in dealing with excess histamine, mast cell activation, mold and other allergies.

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