Systemic Formulas

WO (China Healing Oil)


WO is an essential oil combination “medicine chest” in a bottle—and thus plays a multi purpose “fix about everything” role for people who prefer natural solutions for life’s temporary minor travails at home and during travel. People call it “Wonder Oil” as well as “Worm Oil” for its main ingredient worm seed essential oil. A potent “Yang” energy formula, WO supports circulation and active epidermal processes.


  • Supports normal immune presence
  • Throat health (topical)
  • Support normal wound repair processes (topical)
  • Acute “tourista” food/flora activities (internally)
  • Temporary relief for normally occurring ear aches (topically to concha and mastoid process area)
  • Sinus congestion (few drops in hot water, sniff vapors)
  • Normally occurring fatty skin deposits (topically, over time)
  • Cuticle health (topically)
  • Cold sores, fever blisters (topically to aid normal recuperative processes)
  • Aphthous ulcers, canker sores (topically to aid normal recuperative processes)
  • Oral gum health (topically to gum, not to teeth)
  • Warts (topically)
  • Swollen glands (topically, in conjunction with herbal therapy)
  • Skin eruptions (topically)
  • Splinters (topically before and after removal)
  • Blisters (topically during treatment)
  • Varicosities (topically, promote circulation)
  • Bug bites (topically, immediately, to tick, flea, and mosquito bites)

Topically: apply by the drop, as needed. • Internally: put 5 drops (approx. ½ of a double ought (“00”) sized capsule) in an empty capsule and take with cold water

Wormseed Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Basil Oil, Spearmint Oil, Leptotaenia Oil in an herbal base.

Gluten free, non GMO, vegan, no dairy, no sugar, no egg.

Will cause a burning sensation if applied to mucous membranes, and severe pain if it contacts the eyes or delicate genital areas. Essential oils can “melt” plastic. Do not apply directly to teeth (okay for gums).

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