As someone who used to have sludge instead of lymph fluid, this topic is near and dear to my heart! It took years of visiting various docs and alternative health practitioners before someone mentioned lymph flow to me, and I’m so very glad that I dug in and figured this out. 

I had done a lot of deep detox work for my digestive system, but I plateaued in reclaiming my health until I really prioritized the lymphatic system. I went from being puffy, in pain, stiff, sluggish, foggy, and overweight to feeling lighter, clearer, and more like myself again. Here are some signs your lymphatic system might be asking for some attention.


Before we can get into that, first we need to have an understanding of what, exactly, the lymphatic system is. 


Lymphatic System diagram

In a nutshell, the lymphatic system is the waste removal system + immune system architecture in the human body. It includes a vast network of 500-600 itty bitty lymph nodes, as well as tissues, organs and glands including your spleen, thymus, and tonsils.

While often overlooked, your lymphatic system is a crucial component to your overall health and vitality, and it's deeply interconnected with your circulatory and digestive systems.

Lymphatic system

Your blood and lymph complement each other - think about your circulatory system like the faucets in the house, and your lymphatic system like the drains. Both need to function well to avoid big messy problems.

Once plasma has been delivered via your circulatory system, your lymph fluid filters out and regulates waste, bacteria, and viruses throughout your entire body.

The lymphatic system also aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients, namely fats. It also talks to our fat cells! [1] It can affect and be affected by a gut microbiome out of balance, as well as stagnant digestion. It’s easily taxed by our modern sedentary lifestyle, and our (now ever-present) exposure to toxins.

Toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, etc.) create additional work for the lymphatic system to process and flush out. They also disrupt your digestion by piercing the gut lining and slowing down bile flow, which further backs up the lymph.

See the problem? Toxins are not just inflammatory agents that damage whatever cells they touch; they also interrupt our body systems' ability to self-regulate, repair and thrive.

Lymphatic system


  1.  Fatigue

  2.  Bloating

  3.  Water retention

  4.  Stiffness, especially in the morning

  5.  Brain fog

  6.  Itchy and dry skin

  7.  Cellulite

  8.  Stubborn weight gain

  9.  Night sweats

  10.  Chronic sinusitis, colds, ear issues and frequent infections

  11.  Sore throat, tonsillitis

  12.  Breast swelling with the menstrual cycle

  13.  Swollen lymph nodes (most common in the groin, armpit, and neck)

  14.  Cold hands and feet 


Lymph Summit


Though any one symptom on its own could be a sign of lymphatic distress, the more you experience, the more likely it is you’ve got some lymph flow issues. 

So what now? 

For the basics of detoxing and learning how to support lymph flow click here. It’s time to get things moving and start feeling like yourself again! 

With all our love,

Sinclair and Michael

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(1) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28844882/