Episode 22: [Interview] Return To Your True Self and Reclaim Your Intuition with Sachin Patel

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In this episode, Sinclair has an inspiring conversation with the functional medicine practice success coach and best-selling author, Sachin Patel. Sachin is a vocal proponent of trusting our intuition to become our own doctor, trust what feels right, have autonomy, and assume responsibility for what happens in our bodies. Using his calm, grounded, and centered tone, he explains the importance of quieting the noise, being in tune with what we feel inside of us is right, and removing emotions from decision-making.

Return To Your True Self and Reclaim Your Intuition with Sachin Patel

We are so used to delegating that we put our health care in the hands of people that barely know us without hesitation.

In this episode, Sinclair speaks with the functional medicine practice success coach and best-selling author, Sachin Patel.

He'll invite you to listen to what feels right to you and take autonomy and responsibility for what you decide to put in your body.

We get to decide what we eat, the medicines we take, the thoughts we have and the emotions we attach to them, and the ideas we embrace or ignore. 

Sachin's proposition is to tune in with and trust our intuition, train the ability to listen to our inner voice, and be confident about our decisions based on that conversation with our true self.


  • A doctor that sees you once a month can't know more about you than yourself.
  • Kids are very much in tune with their bodies. We should give them more credit and learn from them.
  • Inner intuition is a muscle that can be trained.
  • Ignoring our intuition is the reason why our decision-making processes are so emotional.
  • Why it is essential to keep our spiritual truth in the first place.
  • Curiosity is the best approach to generate conversations about how people feel about certain topics.
  • The importance of reclaiming our autonomic space instead of living in fight or flight mode.

Memorable Quotes:

"Most chronic health challenges are caused by poor lifestyle choices because we've delegated so many things." (2:24, Sachin Patel)

"Children are very in tune with their bodies. We don't give them as much credit as they probably deserve. They're very in tune, and they don't have that filter. They're not worried about what other people are gonna think, so they fully express themselves" (3:44, Sachin Patel)

"There's so much emotion and decision-making, and that's because we're not listening to our intuition." (7:57, Sachin Patel)

"We live in this illusionary world where nothing is actually real. The only thing that's real is the soul and the essence of who we are because that's never changing." (10:37, Sachin Patel)

"We have this knowledge of what we should be doing, and we've been ignoring that voice perhaps for a long time. And it's scary to hear it so loud and clear. And sometimes, it's scary to acknowledge that I've been ignoring this voice, and I need to start listening to it a little bit." (14:45, Sachin Patel)

"I try to stay very grounded and stay right in the middle and approach things from curiosity instead of a place of opinion. When we formulate an opinion, then that's taking a stance. But when we approach something from a place of curiosity, we're open and receptive to whatever answers we might see or whatever answers might be available to us. (20:38, Sachin Patel)

"As healthcare practitioners, we know what's right and what's wrong. We know when certain rules are being broken. We know when certain relationships are being violated for our patients. And so we have an obligation to at least warn people as best as we can." (26:26, Sachin Patel)

"I had a past life reading, and my head was decapitated for speaking the truth. And here I am: ready to do it all over again. Because we've been given another chance, so to speak, in this lifetime to do that and follow our karmic path in our karmic destiny, our Dharma if you will." (30:26, Sachin Patel)

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