Episode 02: Our Chronic Illness Journey

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In this short episode, Sinclair puts it all out in the open and shares her personal chronic illness journey.

Both Sinclair and her husband Michael lost many years of their lives to toxin-induced illness.

However, Sinclair pushed through and continued to run her company until she couldn’t function, barely even able to move her body. 

Pushed to the brink and plunging into a deep depression, Sinclair’s 20s and 30s we’re unknowingly being ripped apart by toxins.

Then one day, her husband Michael learned the reality of their situations and saved them both.

Sinclair was diagnosed with toxin-induced illnesses and heavy metal poisoning but eventually went on to make a full recovery. 

Listen to this episode to learn the real reason why Sinclair started this podcast and is so committed to helping you through your healing process.

Although sharing her story is difficult, Sinclair does this in the hopes that it can make yours easier.

Key Points:

  • Why you shouldn’t ignore the early warning signs of chronic illness.
  • How Sinclair transformed from physical pain and suicidal ideation into the health coach she is today.
  • The solutions Sinclair and Michael found to cure their chronic illness.
  • The reason Sinclair and Michael are so committed to their work. 

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