Episode 30: [Explained] Expert Tips on How to Choose the Best Practitioner for Your Health Needs

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Expert Tips on How to Choose the Best Practitioner for Your Health Needs - Your Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice!

Are you tired of going from one practitioner to another, without finding the right fit for your health needs?

In today's episode of Your Health Reset, we have the answer! Host Sinclair Kennally shares her personal experience and reveals why finding the right practitioner is crucial for your healing journey.

But what makes a great practitioner? Tune in to learn Sinclair's expert tips on how to evaluate a practitioner's holistic approach, credentials, and experience. And don't forget to trust your intuition! Discover the key signs that indicate whether a practitioner is a right fit for you.

Join us as we explore the importance of finding a practitioner who listens, respects, and empowers you to take charge of your health. And that's not all! Learn about the vital role of empathy and toxin awareness in finding the right practitioner for those with digestive, chronic inflammatory, or autoimmune conditions.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on Your Health Reset and find the practitioner who can help you become the master of your own healing journey!

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Looking at the other layers of tools they have in their toolbox, whether they're therapies, they recommend, or what other protocols and processes they use.
  • Do they know how to go all the way upstream and assess your root causes? It's not just about toxicants, we look for 12 major buckets of root causes.
  • Don't settle for people giving lip service to toxins! What Sinclair remembers and what really stood out to her through her successful journey, and the practitioners that helped us the most, even if they only had a part of the picture, were the ones who had their own health problems they overcame too.
  • You need to work with a practitioner that supports your desire to connect the dots, understand what's going on in your body, learn about it, and understand how the elements of your protocol fit into place and where you're headed next.


  • [00:00:00] Exploring How to Choose the Right Practitioner for Your Health Reset
  • [00:02:00] Exploring Different Paradigms of Healthcare: Considerations for Choosing a Practitioner
  • [00:04:00] "Finding the Right Practitioner for Your Healing Journey"
  • [00:07:00] Exploring Practitioner Qualifications for Optimal Health Care
  • [00:11:00] Exploring the Art and Science of Detox: Don't Settle for Lip Service to Toxins
  • [00:13:00] Exploring Root Causes and Stages of Healing for Optimal Health Outcomes
  • [00:14:00] The Importance of Choosing Quality Supplements for Optimal Health
  • [00:16:00] Exploring the Necessary Components of Quality Healthcare


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