Episode 41: [Explained] How to Deal with Die Off Symptoms from a Parasite Cleanse

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In this episode of "Your Health Reset," Sinclair Kennally dives deep into the topic of die-off symptoms that may arise during a parasite cleanse. These symptoms encompass a range of discomforts such as irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, food sensitivities, joint pain, and more. Michael and Sinclair explore the significance of observing the cleansing process and understanding the body's response to expelling parasites.

The conversation sheds light on the visible presence of worms and parasites during a cleanse, which triggers die-off symptoms as parasites resist their expulsion. It is crucial to draw them out rather than simply eliminate them to minimize detoxification events. Listeners are urged to be mindful of their body's cycles, including pre-excretion symptom flares, and to develop trust in their body's ability to endure short-term discomfort for long-term benefits.

Supporting the body throughout the parasite cleansing process is emphasized as a key aspect. The episode outlines a multi-layered protocol that includes supplements, physical and therapeutic support, and drainage assistance to alleviate symptoms and expedite results. The importance of maintaining the body's well-being is highlighted, with practices like coffee enemas, abdominal massage, vibration plates, and more suggested to calm the nervous system and facilitate the elimination of parasites.

Tune in to "Your Health Reset" to gain a comprehensive understanding of die-off symptoms during a parasite cleanse and discover effective strategies to support your body's cleansing journey. Sinclair Kennally's expert insights provide valuable guidance to help you navigate this transformative process with confidence and optimize your overall health. 


Some of our favorite highlights from this episode include:

  • "Could be life stress, a toxin, or an injury. Your body responds the same, and so the mitochondria slowed down, right? And they go into signaling mode. Hey, we need some help over here."
  • "So if that's one of the symptoms that are really frustrating to you, as you deal with the parasite cleanse and parasite die-off, make sure that you build into your daily routine things that actually support the body in recalibrating and releasing that anxiety that can include tapping, right? That's one of my favorites."
  • "So drainage support can really help to lessen the common die-off symptoms. Coffee enemas are one way to do it. Water enemas, if you're extremely sensitive in the gut and you have a lot of gut pain, chamomile enemas are wonderful for soothing and supporting that gut motility, so you can still excrete the parasites."
  • "And so do most people that come through our programs or in our practice, because there's always an element of some kind of visible worm, a larger parasite that's acting as a toxin sponge."
  • "So you could be having any of these symptoms as you're having parasite die off as you're going through a parasite cleanse and not actually seeing fireworks in the toilet."


  • [00:04:00] The Complexities of Parasite Die-Off Symptoms During a Cleanse
  • [00:06:00] Exploring the Process of Parasite Cleansing
  • [00:08:00] Supporting Drainage During Parasite Die-Off: Strategies for Mitigating Symptoms
  • [00:13:00] Mitochondrial Support for Reducing Die-Off Symptoms
  • [00:15:00] Exploring Systemic Solutions for Rash Treatment

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