Episode 42: [Explained] What I Wish I'd Known When Healing from Chronic Illness

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Uncover life-changing revelations in this captivating episode of "Your Health Reset" with Sinclair Kennally. Gain powerful insights to revolutionize your approach to health and wellness on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Sinclair shares invaluable lessons learned from dealing with chronic illness. Discover the importance of building self-care capacity and embracing the time it takes to heal. Break free from the allure of quick fixes and explore sustainable solutions tailored to your body's needs.

Explore the limitations of relying solely on pills and dive into the body's innate wisdom. Challenge conventional approaches to chronic issues and unlock the secrets to health mastery. Learn about tailored supplement regimens, root causes of health problems, and the impact of mold, toxicity, parasites, trauma, and more.

Reclaim your well-being by understanding the profound connection between food and health. Move beyond surface-level symptoms and uncover underlying causes. Embrace bio-individuality and navigate the complexities of dietary needs with mindfulness. Explore pragmatic strategies to mitigate the effects of toxins and optimize your journey to optimal health.

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Some of our favorite highlights from this episode include:

  • "One of the things that I wish that I had understood along this process is that illness is an initiation into a deeper experience of the true self, your soul. The work and the outlay and the themes, the hurts, the traumas, the gifts of your lineage, generation after generation, unless someone keeps raising their hand to do the healing work."
  • "Everything is in balance, every healing tool, strengthening the power of the other healing tools in the stack, the elegance of not having too many things on board, just the bare minimum, just the right amount. So her's reactions are optional, but healing responses are not. And I wish that I had understood that early because so many people use good tools at the wrong time and in the wrong dose."
  • "I also wish I had understood that regenerative therapies go a long way, and that can look like therapies you do in the home, self-massage, fascia work, and lymphatic drainage."


  • [00:03:00] Exploring Health Mastery: What I Wish I Had Known
  • [00:11:00] Exploring Different Approaches to Healing Through Food and Regenerative Therapies
  • [00:21:00] Exploring the Spiritual Aspects of Illness: A Reflection on the Healing Journey

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