Episode 44: [Explained] The Coffee Enema Episode - Why and how to do them

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Uncover the remarkable benefits of coffee enemas on the Your Health Reset podcast with Sinclair Kennally. Discover how this unusual practice can improve your health journey, from reducing inflammation to stimulating intestinal movement. Kennally shares practical tips and her own experience, highlighting the fascinating properties of coffee enemas, including toxin release and inflammation reduction. Boost your digestive health, combat constipation, and increase energy levels with this powerful tool. Join Kenally's insightful explanation of how coffee enemas enhance overall well-being and why they're worth a try.

Coffee enemas, a popular holistic remedy, offer a wide range of advantages, such as stimulating the liver to produce more glutathione and activating the vagus nerve. Originating from a nurse's resourcefulness during World War II, coffee enemas gained popularity through Dr. Gersen's method involving multiple daily enemas. Today, they are widely used for aiding recovery from chronic symptoms and complementing supplement regimens.

Join the insightful conversation on the potential benefits of coffee enemas. Learn expert techniques, such as utilizing infrared panels, exploring emotions, and engaging in dialogue during the process. Begin with beginner steps and gradually increase drainage support while receiving and releasing energy, light, water, and other environmental frequencies. Embrace the advice to start slowly and manage expectations regarding enema duration. Unlock the transformative potential of coffee enemas and embrace a path to improved well-being.


Some of our favorite highlights from this episode include:

  • "One of the benefits of coffee enemas and why so many of our students rely on them when they're in the thick of the deep peeling process because they're so good for supporting the release of deep liver stagnation, especially if you're working on letting go of gallstones out of the gallbladder or the liver of distilled water with the equivalent coffee brew of three tablespoons of ground organic coffee, and it may take you a while to work up to that. It may even take you a few months."
  • "Start with the water enemas as we discussed, move to coffee enemas, and you can start with a really low solution. If you're worried that you're not a good detoxer or that you react easily, you may start with a very diluted solution of the coffee itself."
  • "The hose so that you can gently let the coffee enema in. You don't want air bubbles in your tube. It's basically like taking in gas bubbles, and that can be a little uncomfortable, and then you'll hold it as long as it's comfortable, coffee enema, and support the liver in a whole new way, but those are advanced tips and we're getting ahead of ourselves. So in the beginning, you're just gonna practice taking in the coffee, remembering to clip it when you're done."


  • [00:03:00] The Benefits of Coffee Enemas for Improved Health and Wellness
  • [00:07:00] Exploring the Benefits of Coffee Enemas for Improved Drainage Support
  • [00:14:00] Exploring Coffee and Enema Buckets for Coffee Enemas
  • [00:23:00] Exploring the Benefits of Coffee Enemas for Detox and Rejuvenation

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