Episode 43: [Interview] Detoxification Truths and Lies with Chris Shade

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Dr. Chris Shade, an expert in detoxification and longevity medicine, joins Sinclair Kennally in this episode of "Your Health Reset." Driven by his passion for helping people recover from heavy metal, toxin, and mold exposures, Dr. Shade shares his journey from studying pollution as an organic farmer to addressing root causes.

The conversation focuses on the importance of detoxification in longevity medicine and the role of up-regulating NRF2 and PK pathways for clearing toxins and promoting regenerative chemistry. Dr. Shade discusses the effectiveness of liposomal delivery, a natural method that utilizes liposomes to enhance the bioavailability of compounds like glutathione, lipoic acid, GABA, C, B, and D. Liposomes protect these compounds during digestion and facilitate absorption through the oral cavity and capillaries.

Join Sinclair Kennally in the next episode for an engaging exploration of detoxification techniques and the potential impact of liposomal delivery on overall health and well-being.


Some of our favorite highlights from this episode include:

  • "What do you mean murder? So Tim Gray calls up some of the Cutler groups and says, Hey, come to Health Optimization Summit, all of us biohackers in the world. All of the data on all of the things that down-regulate detoxification chronically? Do we ignore that? We know so much about endotoxemia and how it drives inflammation blocks, detoxification drives, neuroinflammation."
  • "You got myths on the natural medicine side and you got course tons of myths on the med, on the medical side. So on the medical side, Oh, detoxification is not real. That's natural health, functional medicine, or allopathic. So what are the myths that still persist in your eyes that we need to, you know? Well, you got myths on both sides. And it's blocking all of the inflammatory cascades of this advanced liver stagnation. And so, you know, doing that, bringing in bitters, doing a formal detox with a lot of the push catch."


  • [00:03:00] Exploring Alternative Solutions to Amalgam Fillings: A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Shade
  • [00:05:00] The Benefits of Liposomal Delivery for Detoxification and Regeneration
  • [00:22:00] The Benefits of Detoxification for Stress and Health Conditions
  • [00:36:00] Myth-Busting Chronic Illness: Exploring Natural and Allopathic Medicine
  • [00:38:00] Discussion of the Cutler Protocol and its Impact on Health Optimization

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