Episode 49: [Interview] Neurometabolic Integration with Peter Kan

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Neurometabolic Integration

On this episode of Your Health Reset, Sinclair Kennally invites Dr. Peter Kahn to discuss the fascinating concept of the gut-brain axis and functional medicine. Dr. Kahn, an expert in this field, sheds light on the intricate connections between the brain, immune system, and the gut. 

Dysfunction in any one of these can lead to a cascade of neurological, immune, and digestive symptoms.

Dr. Kahn presents a simplified roadmap for addressing chronic illness by targeting its root causes. He highlights the critical role of fuel delivery in healing the brain, immune system, and gut.

Insufficient energy production and fuel delivery hinder effective detoxification and infection-fighting capabilities within the body. By addressing fuel delivery issues, such as stabilizing blood sugar levels, as the first step before other interventions like hormone replacement, individuals can avoid ineffective treatments and unnecessary detox reactions.

However, it is equally important to identify underlying causes like adrenal issues or chronic viral infections to achieve long-term improvement. With the right adjustments, individuals can experience a significant enhancement in their well-being.



Some of our favorite highlights from this episode include:

  • What to look for with insulin resistance, and recognizing an inflammatory response
  • Why do we say all disease starts with the GUT?
  • Sometimes people are confused when they have 20-plus things wrong with them, and the solution is actually solving the brain-immune gut axis issue



  • [00:00:00] Exploring the Brain-Immune-Gut Axis with Dr. Peter Kahn
  • [00:08:00] Mitochondria and Neuronal Activation in Brain Function
  • [00:13:00] Prioritizing Health Care for Anemia and Hypoglycemia
  • [00:22:00] The Role of Insulin Resistance in Decreasing Vagal Tone and Gut Health
  • [00:27:00] Exploring the Four Building Blocks of Health: Field Delivery, Immune Function, Inflammation, and Infection
  • [00:31:00]  Understanding the Order of Steps for Successful Detoxification: The Detox Process
  • [00:32:00] Empowering Your Health: Exploring the Five-Step Roadmap


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